Diphu | July 9: Forest officials on specific information recovered 13 sacks full of frogs, known as Bamun Bhekuli in Assamese on the evening of Sunday, at Rajapathar in Bakalia area under Karbi Anglong district.

A team of forest officials searched a bus on NH 36 at Rajapthar in Bakalia area and rescued the sacks full of live frogs.

No one was detained in the case.

“The frogs were being smuggled to Dimapur in Nagaland where the frog is considered a delicacy. Each frog is sold for Rs. 50 to Rs. 60 in Dimapur,” informed sources.

“All kind of wild animals and forest produce are smuggled everyday from Karbi Anglong district to the neighbouring state of Nagaland where almost all wild animals are considered a delicacy to be savoured,” added sources.

The high demand makes the animals fetch higher prices.

“Frogs, birds and insects which are alive bring a high price in Nagaland markets,” sources added.


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