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IMPHAL | Jul 12: Indian army has recovered huge cache of arms and ammunitions of NSCN-IM while conducting an operation on July 6 at Kekru Naga, Tamenglong district.

“The operation and the recovery of the ammunitions has yet again exposed the duplicity of NSCN-IM which is in cease fire with the Centre but yet continues its illegal activities,” said commander of 59 Mountain Division, brigadier, Ravroop Singh

During the operation, the Indian army recovered one 7.62mm SLR rifle, one G3 rifle, two M 16 rifle with magazine, four M-16 magazine, 220 M-16 ammunition, two lathode guns, 144 M-16 ammunition, 27 AK-47 ammunition, 887 7.2mm ball, six safety fuze, three HHRS (kenwood), one telescopic sight, two G3 magazine, one 7.62 mm SLR magazine, seven backpack, four mag pouch, one Khukri,, one solar plate, one sleeping bag, 37 combat trousers, 8 pair of jungle shoes, 15 lathode rounds and a suitcase suspected to be storing IED .

Briefing media at premises of Imphal Airport Battalion today, Brigadier Ravroop Singh told reporters that regular intelligence inputs were being received over a prolonged period of time, regarding presence of some insurgents belonging to NSCN-IM in the remote jungle areas across NH-37 in Noney and Tamenglong districts.

He informed that the civilians of Nungba Sub Division, Todaijang, Kekru Naga, Muktina and Mukti Khullen reported regular presence of some armed cadres belonging to NSCN-IM who had been carrying out harassment and extortion. Their activities in the areas were confirmed by ground sources and intelligence agencies, he added

He also informed that the cadres were ruthlessly carrying out extensive illegal extortion from villagers, local businessmen, vehicles plying along the NH-37 and various contractors engaged in infrastructure projects of railways, NHDCL and others.

Once confirmed inputs were received regarding presence of 8-10 armed cadres in Kekru Naga village which is eight kilometres south of Nungba town, a well synergized operation by the army commenced on the night of July 5 and extensive search of the area was carried out from morning of July 6, said the brigadier.

Sensing the multiple columns of security forces, the armed cadres fled the area after hiding their weapons and warlike stores at multiple locations in the periphery of village, nearby jungle and Jhoom huts, he added.

During the operation, one armed cadres identified as Thailik Panmei said to be a private, was apprehended while he was trying to merge himself with the locals.

The brigadier said that NSCN –IM is in cease fire with the Centre but yet continues in illegal activities. The cease fire ground rules lay down the basic framework under which both government agencies and NSCN-IM are required to operate, however, NSCN-IM)has continuously been violating the laid down ground rules, he stated.

The attempts for setting up of new camps, fresh recruitments, extortion and tax collection specifically along NH-2 and NH- 37 are impacting infrastructure projects like railway lines and road construction are all indicative of their effort to undermine the peace process, he alleged.

He further alleged that this approach by the NSCN-IM is clearly indicative of their insincerity in implementation of cease fire ground rules. The security forces are aware of these tactics and would continue to carry out relentless operations to provide security to the local population, he said.

The Army commander, lieutenant general, MM Naravane has complimented all troops of Spear Corps for executing the surgical and professional operation, added the brigadier.



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