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Imphal Free Press| UKHRUL| Aug 19: After Hunphun Tang Association (AHTA) carried out a thorough checking of stock record of Industrial Training Institute (ITI) situated at Kasom Tang, Ukhrul today, AHTA has raised concerns over the state of the Institute.

The ITI Ukhrul has been functioning since 1972 and was engaged in Stenography, Carpentry and Wireman. In 2008, the facilities for Welder, Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables, Hair and Skin Care, IT-Electronic System Management, Electronics, Motor Mechanics and Fitter were upgraded. But till today, the institute is offering only a 1-year course on Stenography, Carpentry, Welder, Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables and Hair and Skin Care. The 2 year courses include Wireman, IT/ESM, Electronics, Fitter and Motor Mechanics.

It has also been learnt that the Motor Mechanics division is functioning without an instructor. Principal ITI, Ukhrul, K. Tomchaoba Singh added that due to the retirement of the instructor and with no replacement being provided, the institute has stopped enrolment of students for this very sector.

The conditions are almost similar in the carpentry sector with only a total of 16 students taking the course. The Planner, Wooden Lathe and Circular Saw machine has been provided before 2009 but is yet to be installed and lying unused in the room.

While the Medical Room is lying empty without bed and other basic facilities, only a total of 16 students have enrolled for the Wireman sector course. The Fitter Sector has also a total number of 5 students, and several equipment are out of function and out-dated, the instructor reported.

The Institute is facing the same problems of lack of student enrolment and infrastructure in the Stenography sector, Skin and Care course and in the Electronics section too.

In the IT/ESM (Electronic System Management), there are a total of only 16 students who have enrolled for the course, said instructor M. Vareichan. At present they have 4 Computer and require 4 more computers, he continued while adding that there is no internet connection and there is also the lack of UPS (5kv) for power back up.

Store keeper, Roshikanta Keisham further stated that out-dated stuffs are being supplied at ITI Ukhrul. “Most of the materials provided are no longer useable for present days,” he added.

It is also worth mentioning that the institution is functioning without UDC and Head Clerk and just 1 LDC. K. Tomchaoba Singh also complained that there is no water connection at the campus and quarters.

While stating that regular payment of monthly stipend for students and exposure trips to other institutes for study tour could enhance the interest of the student, he also assured the visiting AHTA team that regular classes will be conducted in the forthcoming academic session.

Meanwhile, president of AHTA, Chonmi Raleng has alleged that they have come to learnt that there is no issue of materials from 2009 except some materials for Hair and Skin Care in 2015 after checking the stock register today. “There are numbers of students enrolled in different courses in ITI Ukhrul; however, due to the step motherly treatment by the concern authority, the institution cannot function up to its best capacity,” he said.

In light of the above mentioned situations, Chonmi Raleng also made an appeal to the minister and department concerned to look into the matter at the earliest in the greater interest of the community.


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