KANGPOKPI| Aug 28: The Community Health Centre (CHC), Kangpokpi (upgraded to District Hospital) has been announced as one of the top 5 CHCs in the State in regard to OPD, IPD and Emergency services; and topmost in the entire hill districts according to the recent announcement from the Health department.

PHC Saikul (already upgraded to CHC) and PHC Motbung, both under Kangpokpi district also achieved the topmost and second places respectively amongst the top five PHCs in the entire hill districts of the State.

It is undeniably a matter of pride for the people of newly created Kangpokpi District since it was only out of sheer hard work and dedication on the part of the District Health department that the CHC, Kangpokpi (upgraded to District Hospital) could be among the top 5 best health centres in the State.

According to the recent announcement from the health department, CHC Kangpokpi/District Hospital Kangpokpi is among the top 5 Community Health Centres in terms of OPD, IPD and Emergency among all CHCs in the state and the topmost in the entire hill districts while PHC/CHC Saikul and PHC Motbung are top 1 and 2 among the top 5 PHCs in term of OPD and IPD in the entire hill districts.

It may be mentioned here that the overall top 5 CHCs are CHC Wangoi, CHC Nambol, CHC Moirang, CHC Kakching and CHC Kangpokpi and with respect to the valley districts CHC Wangoi, CHC Nambol, CHC Moirang, CHC Kakching and CHC Yairipok were the first, second, third, fourth and fifth rank respectively while in the hill districts, CHC Kangpokpi, CHC Mao, CHC Nungba, CHC Parbung and CHC Chakpikarong holds the position- merit wise.

The overall top 5 PHCs are PHC Oinam, PHC Leimapokpam, UHC Singjamei, PHC Samurou and PHC Kumbi while in the hill districts, PHC Saikul, PHC Motbung, PHC Noney, PHC Komlathabi and PHC Tadubi are amongst the top 5- merit wise.

Surprisingly, the health centres in Kangpokpi district despite achieving such feats in the health sector have been functioning under heavy limitations and various challenges in terms of manpower, infrastructures, facilities and others.

Amongst the problems, particular mention made of the lack of manpower at District Hospital Kangpokpi at CHC level which should be 10 medical officers as per the sanctioned posts but only 8 medical officers have been posted till now. And only one senior medical officer has been posted out of the two sanctioned posts while out of six sanctioned posts for specialists only one (Gynaecologist) is posted, and other such as specialist in Medicine, Paediatric, Surgery, Pathology and Anaesthesiology have failed to turned out till date.

There are also several discrepancies including the running of office without a block programme manager and block finance manager till today along with no OT services and the lack of manpower to operate the ultrasound machine amongst others. However, despite of all limitations and hurdles, PHC/CHC Saikul which could have been a discouragement to the health centre administration and the staffs the collective and persistent efforts of the staff of CHC Saikul has brought accolades to the health centre and the area where it is located. It won the Kayakalp Best PHC Award of Kangpokpi District due to the health centre’s efforts to rejuvenate its old buildings and enforcement of strict Infection control measure before achieving the best performing PHC in the entire Hill districts in terms of its performance in OPD, OPD and Emergency.

PHC/CHC Saikul also become the highest achiever of all the health programmes amongst the health centres in Kangpokpi district while number of institutional delivery is the highest in Kangpokpi District in the year 2018-19. It is also the only targeted health facility for National Quality Assurance Standards Certification programme by the State Health Department from Kangpokpi District and it hopes to become the first NQAS Certified health centre of Kangpokpi and one of the few NQAS certified health centre in the state for which preparation is on full swing on the part of PHC/CHC Saikul health authority.

In regard to PHC Motbung, the manpower is adequate but so far the infrastructures and facilities is still worse than other health centres of the district for which attention from the department concerned immediate is required.


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