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Kohima | April 28

The new church building of Kohima Ao Baptist Arogo (KABA) was dedicated here today by senior pastor Rev. M. Asangba Longkumer.
Located at Midland, near Old MLA Hostel junction, it was constructed at a cost of over Rs. 26 crore.

Church complex construction committee Convenor L. Temsü Longkumer informed that the new church building has 2500 seating capacity.
The construction of this new church building was started in 2011.

‘God wants us to be humble’
ABAM Executive Secretary, Rev. Dr. Mar Atsongchanger, said that Kohima Ao Baptist Arogo was established in 1939 and this new church dedication has been completed in 80 years of ministry.

Humbleness is always counted and God wants us to be humble, he said.
Dedication comes with humbleness and, only with that humility God can answer our prayers, Rev. Atsongchanger stressed.

He further noted that that people often pray only for their needs, protection and blessings but there are many kinds of prayers like adoration, confessions, thanksgivings and supplications.

“As Christians we need His direction and connection with Him at all times,” he said.

‘Many lives has been saved’
Sharing greetings, Kohima Baptist Pastors Fellowship (KBPF) President, Dr. Kevichalie Metha, on behalf of all the pastors of 51 churches under the Fellowship congratulated the pastors, leaders and all the members of KABA for the completion of a “magnificent church and dedicating it to the glory of the Lord.”

“This very place from time immemorial has been a major landmark for the people of Kohima and also for visitors from India and abroad,” he said.
He said that through the ministry of KABA, many lives have been saved and renewed from the bondage of sin into new creations of God.

“With the dedication of this new church to the glory of God, I pray and believe that many more lives will change again, broken families will be restored, and our broken society will be built for the better,” Dr. Metha said.
Thanking KABA for their various ministries, he said “Apart from expanding the kingdom of God, many social services for the people of Kohima has been initiated by you. You have always been leading us and teaching us new adventures for the glory of God.”

He stated that the people always look upto Ao Baptist believers as “our spiritual parents, for it was you the Ao, who first embraced Christianity and welcomed the missionaries.”

Through your willingness to receive the gospel and your hospitality, the gospel spread to different parts of Nagaland and beyond, he said.

The service was led by Rev. I. Bendangmeren, Pastor, while P. Talitemjen Jamir, Deacon, delivered welcome address. Dr. I. Bendangla Longkumer, Deacon, pronounced invocation prayer.



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