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Clean Election Campaign (CEC) of Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has asserted that the ensuing Lok Sabha elections would be a tough fight– a fight for Naga identity and not just position.

CEC-NBCC convener Rev. Dr. Mar Atsongchanger underscored this in his keynote address during the prayer and consultation meeting for the 17th Lok Sabha election with candidates and political parties at NBCC Platinum Hall Bayavu here Tuesday, jointly organized by CEC-NBCC and Nagaland Joint Christian Forum (NJCF).

CEC-NBCC convener lamented that though Nagaland was a Christian majority state, the state was tagged as one of the most corrupted states in the country, which he described as “very shameful.” Stating that NBCC and NJCF were focussed on honesty and clean election, Rev. Atsongchanger said that it was the moral responsibility of the churches to conduct the event and appeal to the political parties and the candidates to join the movement and adopt the principles of Clean Election.

In his brief address, NJCF president and NBCC general secretary, Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho also lamented that Naga professed to be a Christian, but when a call has been made for a prayer, none responded.

He said the church leaders were deeply concerned because bad politics has entered into the state. He said the politicians alone cannot be blamed, but each and every individual were responsible.

Rev. Zelhou Keyho said the church would not give up and put God’s factor in the political system so it could make differences.

A representative from NCRC said the church leaders receive many criticisms on the clean election movement, but would continue the movement and would give their best to maintain the best discipline.

Independent Candidate for 1-Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency 2019 Election, Dr. M.M Thromwa Konyak, in his brief address said he was committed to sacrifice in all sectors. He also assured to  check any threat against Naga identity and to resolve issues through peaceful means. Dr. Thromwa also sought the support and prayer of the people.

Regrettably none of the major political parties attended the consultation cum prayer meeting.

The programme was chaired by CEC-NBCC co-convener Rev. Vikuo Rhi.



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