When love and faith collide… ‘Mangareiungluilu’, asserts the 4th franchise of Meiphung Productions. The question is to what – love or faith? Well, you would have to see the movie to find out for yourself.

A huge shout out once again to Script writer and Director Khavangpam Mahung. In my opinion, ‘Mangareiungluilu’ is his best work so far. Without being overly dramatic and preachy, the movie with its representation of matter-of-fact occurrences in life and realistic dialogue is truly a lifelike human drama.

At the outset the movie instantly appeals one with an amusing exchange of dialogue open around a scenic luscious green field. And the climax couldn’t be more romantic and emotionally intense. If that does not make you wanna go watch the movie, then I have no answer to what would allure you.

It’s a two and a half hour long movie with a simple plot but bundled with happy times, comical episodes, humorous lines, melancholic moments and sentimental drama. The movie lavishly treats one with amusing, entertaining and serious dialogues that is not flimsy. Rather its realistic dialogue that resonates with everyday normal conversation makes the movie striking.

The radiance of the movie is its super performance acting of the actors. Everyone was so talented and natural that none discredited the rendition of the movie. The supporting actors Mimi( movie character name) and Thempei (movie character name) are to be praised for their stellar performances. Their characters add juice and flavour to the movie. Though Lily essayed only a small role, she shone bright with her natural flair of acting. These are the ones to watch out for in the future. The Delhiites sorely missed them after watching the movie, as they could not be here in the city.

As for Wunglensing (Hashing), we’ve all seen him, he’s the next big star. He’s got the looks and acting skill – all that an actor precisely needs. ‘Mangareiungluilu’ is a debut movie for Selina(Rinrei), but she put up an impressive performance too. However, the best role in the movie – for me – goes to the Huimi(the fiery mother of Rinrei). Her role as a ferocious mother was just impeccable. I was completely in awe of her natural acting skills and realistic dialogue delivery.

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The downside of the movie is its duration, sound, transition and editing. The issues continue to persist and yet to be improved in these frontiers. There were instances of some scenes ending abruptly with the transition not as being so smooth. But yes, some scenes were brilliantly juxtaposed as to add creativity and regale. Also, use of live audio instead of studio sound (which I believe is to cut the cost) degraded the standard. Nevertheless, it’s not a big deal to complain too much about.

With ‘Mangareiungluilu’ the Meiphung Productions charts into the realm of social reality and seeks to convey important messages on love and faith. We are looking forward to their upcoming productions as they explore into other themes and areas of life. Cheers to Meiphung Production. May your movies leave an impact to the audience today and tomorrow.

Review by Themreiso Shatsang, Delhi
Source: Meiphung Production FB page


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