Manipur Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) Minister Th. Shyamkumar announced Sunday that the state government has approved construction of seven storey buildings within areas covered by the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC).

As per the existing bye-law, Manipur government allows constructions of only three storey buildings as the state falls under seismic zone-V, the most earthquake-prone zone.

Shyamkumar said that the amendment was made to the existing building bye-law in order to save the paddy fields and avoid construction at agricultural lands. However, the minister cautioned that the people who wish to construct seven storey buildings must follow strict safety criteria.

However, the government is of the opinion that the limitation has led to horizontal expansion rather than vertical expansion.

Minister Shyamkumar further informed that the amendment was made after discussions with experts and has been included in Manipur gazette published on May 4, 2019.

People have been constructing multi storeys buildings without getting approval from the authority concerned which sometimes results in unfortunate incidents, said Shyamkumar.



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