A man was allegedly beheaded by his neighbour using a machete Tuesday morning at Kumbi village in Bishnupur district of Manipur, the police said. The accused, Nongmaithem Surjit alias Athebi, was soon arrested.

The police said the 35-year-old accused allegedly attacked Khangembam Achou Meitei, 47, with a machete when the victim was mowing his backyard. While the incident reportedly took place at around 11 am, the police said they received the information about the incident around 11.30 am.

In retaliation to the killing, irate locals of Kumbi village burnt down the house of the accused before ostracising his entire family from the locality.

“We received reports of the attack around 11.30 am. When we rushed to the crime scene, the house of the accused was engulfed in flames beyond redemption,” said the officer in charge of the Kumbi Police station.

The motive behind the killing is yet to be confirmed. However, the police said the cause of the attack could possibly be a land dispute as the two neighbours have embroiled in a confrontation in the past on several occasions over a similar issue. The police are yet to determine if others were involved.

A case has been registered at the concerned police station and the weapon used in the crime has also been seized.

Meanwhile, a Joint Action Committee (JAC) was formed in connection with the killing. The committee warned that action will be taken against any individual who is found giving refuge to the accused family. The JAC also adopted other resolutions such as compensating the victim’s family besides giving punishment.

“We will not claim the body of the victim unless our demands are fulfilled by the government,” said the JAC spokesperson.



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