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Chongthu News Service: The All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) has banned lemonade drinks Nimboo Pani in Manipur with immediate effect.

Speaking to media AMSU stated that in the bottle of the lemonade drinks “NIMBOO PANI – Loktak Lake ” which is manufacture by SM Fruits & Beverage Pvt Ltd Haryana, SM Consumers Pvt Ltd Kamrup Assam and SM Consumers Pvt Ltd, Unit-II, Jambari, Kamrup Assam, it is printed that Loktak Lake is a festival which represent the custom, song and dance of Nagaland.

AMSU asked the manufacturing company to rectify the error printed on “Nimboo Pani” bottles.

While terming the product packaging system of Nimbu Pani as totally misleading and misguided  AMSU pointed out that Loktak Lake is in Manipur bu it is printed on the Nimbu Pani bottle that ‘Loktak Lake is a festival of Nagaland which displays customs, foold, song and dance of the enthusiastic folks of Nagaland.

It further stated that  NIMBOO PANI has been ban in Manipur with immediate effect till the manufacturing company rectified the error.

~Chongthu News Service

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