The All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) warned of resorting “even to the extreme end” unless the Citizenship Amendment Bill  is withdrawn by the government. It then demanded immediate deportation of all the illegal immigrants from the Northeast.

The All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) then re-affirmed to support North East Student Organisation (NESO) and Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) in opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

The ANSAM said that in its “Presidential Council Meeting” on on February 6 at Shalley Chara Memorial Hall, ANSAM Secretariat Complex ,reviewed on the CAB-2016 in threadbare alongside other prevailing issues and unanimously reaffirm to back the stand of NESO and NSF in opposing and fighting for the withdrawal of the infamous Bill. “This controversial Bill is a dangerous piece of anti-indigenous and anti-minority legislation,” it said.  The Naga student body then “unequivocally” urged upon Government of India for immediate withdrawal of the “impugned bill”.

The ANSAM termed the Bill as a politically motivated conception to sponsor ethnic cleansing of the Northeast by facilitating humanitarian invasion of illegal immigrants.The Naga student body said that the Bill will open up another flood-gate to influx of illegal immigration from the neighbouring countries and consequently, the  “Bill is a threat to the cultural and linguistic identity of the indigenous peoples of the Northeast”.

Slamming the Bill as a humanitarian conspiracy against the Northeast, the ANSAM said that the  Bill will render the Northeast indigenous communities into minorities in their “own homeland”. According to the ANSAM, the Bill “attempts” to legalize illegal immigration based on religion and the whole burden of the Bill once passed would squarely fall on the Northeast alone. The ANSAM reiterated that Northeast is not a dumping site for illegal immigrants.

The ANSAM then expressed regrets that “rather than addressing the already explosive situation in the Northeast caused by the illegal immigrants, the Union of India attempts to add premium on illegal immigration”


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