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Manipur News | IMPHAL | Apr 2

Indian National Congress candidate in the outer Manipur parliamentary constituency (OMPC) K James has expressed apprehension that electoral democracy may come to an end if the BJP comes to power again in the 17th Lok Sabha election.

He was addressing a district level campaign meeting held today at Young Paite Association hall, Hiangtam Lamka, Churachandpur.

Speaking at the occasion, K James observed that the BJP led governments both in the Centre and State has been governing in a dictatorial manner.

The BJP has already made their stand clear that they will impose the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill if they return to power again after the ensuing Lok Sabha election, he noted while expressing fear that the BJP and RSS has a hidden agenda of wiping out all the indigenous minority communities.

At such a current trend when they are acting on their own will by disregarding the aspirations of the people, it is very clear that there might be no election in 2024 and instead President’s rule may replace electoral democracy, he asserted.

The INC candidate also contended that through GST imposed by the BJP led government and its policy of ‘demonitisation’, many small factories and workshops all over the country have shut down. The owners of such small companies were not able to pay the taxes imposed upon them through GST; he stated and added that it has also robbed many people of their jobs as the companies were shut down.

Democracy, constitution and the people are all jeopardised in the hands of such a party, he stated terming BJP as the worst political party. He further appealed to the people to caution and guide their friends and relatives, who are unaware of the tricks of BJP.

While giving his assurance that he will be an active and hardworking MP if the people elected him, the INC candidate in OMPC K James asserted that he will work sincerely with utmost dedication to address the grievances of the people at all cost and will not hurt their expectations.

Delivering his presidential address in the election campaign meeting, MPCC president Gaikhangam asserted that the BJP has already admitted defeat in the ensuing 17th Lok Sabha election.

BJP chief Amit Shah has already stated to form government again, 20-21 votes to be secured by the BJP in the northeast region will fill up the numerical inferiority that may be experienced in Hindi heartland areas, he referred and asserted that the BJP chief had admitted to getting fewer votes even in the Hindi heartland areas. Earlier the BJP got more than 70 votes in Hindi heartland. This time, BJP might not be able to get even 25 votes in the areas, he observed.

The MPCC president also asserted that the 17th Lok Sabha election is like a plebiscite of whether to protect Manipur and its people along with their cultural and traditional values.

The BJP government is a communal, anti-people political party which violated the Constitution. The rights given to the citizens under the Constitution have been curtailed under the dictatorial regime of the BJP; he asserted and contended that the current government is accepting only appreciation but criticism is suppressed in every possible ways.

While pointing out that this election will be a fight between secular force and non-secular force, Gaikhangam affirmed that secular forces should unitedly fight against the non-secular BJP.

Lambasting the BJP led government in the state for indulging in cheap publicity like ‘go to hills’, ‘go to village’, etc. but nor bringing any positive results, the MPCC president ridiculed that the last resort of the state government would be to launch ‘Go to Home’ mission, where the people will return home empty handed after being bluffed by the BJP led government.

He further asserted that Congress is the only alternative to save the democratic values and ideals and to bring people-oriented governance. Empowering the Congress party is the same as empowering the people, he added.

Speaking as chief guest in the campaign meeting, former chief minister, O Ibobi stated that the people were expecting a lot from the BJP led government. However, instead of fulfilling their promises made before election, it has destroyed all the democratic values. The BJP and RSS believe in the idea of ‘one nation, one religion’ against the very ideals of the Indian constitution and its preamble, he contended.

He maintained that the stand of the Congress party is very clear. As AICC president Rahul Gandhi had already assured that Congress party will never allow the unique culture and identity to be jeopardised under any circumstances, the contentious bill will not be legislated as long as Congress party is there. Instead, it will scrap the bill if it comes to power, he asserted.

One of the major issues currently faced by the nation is unemployment, he pointed out while charging that instead of providing jobs as promised by BJP before election, Narendra Modi led government had destroyed over 1,80,000 jobs in 2018 itself because of demonitisation and GST. Experts have observed that the unemployment scenario in the Narendra Modi regime has never happened in the last 45 years, he added.

While noting that the only party that will protect democracy and its ideals like freedom of speech and expression of the people is the Congress party, he also assured that special area status and industrial policy of the northeast, which was snatched away by Narendra Modi government, will be restored if Congress party forms the government after the 17th Lok Sabha election.

Various Congress office bearers and MLAs and supporters of K James were also present during the occasion.


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