Manipur News | KANGPOKPI | Apr 3

After a verbal pledge was taken by members of ADC Sadar Hills, various CVOs and local bodies in a joint meeting at Kangpokpi district headquarters on March 30 also pledged to support BJP in Outer Manipur parliamentary constituency in the ensuing 17th LokSabha Election.

A written pledge in this regard was taken today in a public consultative meeting here at LNC Hotel.

The public consultative was attended by various Kuki leaders including Sadar Hills Chiefs’ Association (SAHILCA) and various other civil society organisations of Kangpokpi district where the Kuki leaders reportedly felt after a threadbare discussion that they [the Kukis] would be devoid of an MP, the voice for the people in the House Indian Parliament if the Kuki people do not unite as one.

The meeting also reportedly considered that the Kuki people cannot afford to lose their representation in the Parliament at this critical juncture while the Kuki problem is addressed in the centre.

A written pledge in the public consultative meeting which reportedly went viral in social media shows president

and secretary of Kuki InpiKangpokpi District, Sadar Hills Chiefs’ Association (SAHILCA), VaipheiInpiKangpokpi District, Kuki Women Union Kangpokpi District, Thadou Students’ Association, Kangpokpi District and Thadou Women union Kangpokpi District penned their respective signature in the pledge paper.

Written in local dialect, the pledge stated that “since Kuki people would be devoid of an MP unless they stand together as one in the upcoming 17th LokSabha Election, we set aside our difference, tribes, clans and topographical difference and unanimously resolved to stand united in unison as one.”

Therefore, the civil society organisations, chiefs association, tribes’ leaders and the general public of Kangpokpi District declared to support Benjamin Mate, a BJP candidate in the 17th LokSabha Election, it stated.

Meanwhile, civil society organisations of Chandel District also made similar written pledge as seen in social media which went viral since this noon. The Chandel District CVOs written pledge was seen signed by president, KCS Chandel; chairman, KCA Gunpi Block; president, KWHR Chandel; president, UZO Chandel; general secretary, KCA Khengjoi; secretary, KCA Kana Block; president, TSA Gunpi Block; president, ZSP Chandel and chairperson, ZOMA Chandel.

The pledge stated that Chandel CVOs unanimously resolved to support BJP Candidate H. Shokhopao Benjamin Mate in the 17th LokSabha Election, 2019 in a meeting held at KCA Bungpi Block Office at M. Munpi village while urging the people and village chiefs to stand united following the unanimously declaration of the Chandel CSOs.


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