IMPHAL | Feb 5

Manipur People against CAB (MANPAC) has declared to launch an ‘On road mass indefinite agitation’ on roadways including the national highways from tomorrow onwards against CAB demanding the withdrawal of the bill.

Addressing a press meet held at the office of JCILPS, co-convenor, MANPAC, Amu Kamei announced that the body which is heading the protests against CAB at Manipur, will organise an indefinite mass agitation on the roadways of Manipur from tomorrow until CAB is withdrawn from Parliament. He said all the indigenous people of the State should come out on road and as a mark of protest they should work their daily activities including eating, prayer etc. on road. He appealed the people from different communities, from every nook and corner of State to join and take part in the agitation.

Amu Kamei called the bill as a slow poison that will erase the indigenous people of entire northeastern states in the future. MANPAC will not stop the agitations until the bill is withdrawn from the parliament. He condemned the present government’s proposal of inserting a clause on CAB and said such statements will not be tolerated and the bill should be removed totally from parliament.

He further condemned the various speeches from the President and Prime Minister being Pro CAB, and said the bill is unconstitutional as it is secular and democratic country. In the future, the bill will destroy the indigenous generations; therefore, the state government should draw full attention towards the bill for sake of the future. He said the state government should take a firm decision to resign from respective seats if the bill is passed on the parliament.

Co-convenor, MANPAC, Abdullah Pathan appealed the people of Manipur to come out on the streets by setting aside the differences of religion, caste, group etc. until bill is withdrawn from the parliament. It is a much needed measure to save the fate of the indigenous people.

He further appealed each and every sectors, schools, college, employees, and workers to do their activities on the streets as a collective form of agitation. Politicians should join in without bringing their party politics but as indigenous individuals, he added.


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