NEIDP Ashang Kasar

Manipur News | IMPHAL | Mar 29

The flag hoisting ceremony for North East India Development Party (NEIDP) outer candidate, Ashang Kasar was held at Nagaching Village, Imphal West today.  The election manifesto of the party was also released.

On the occasion, Asang Kasar stated that NEIDP will face the issues in the State, keeping in mind about the real life conditions and situations faced by the people. He would be willing to make sacrifices even give his life if needed, in facing the issues, he said.

“I am standing in the upcoming election as an outer candidate of NEIDP to raise the issues which had brought many sufferings to the people,” he said.

The rights of the poor and needy sections have been robbed by the rich and powerful. They have been kept ignored and looked down in the game of corruption played by the rich, he said.

“Also, I had joined this party with the idea that the integrity of the State that was established and left behind by the forefathers must be protected and their system and ways of life must be revived to save the unity of the State,” he stated.

The party will work to deliver the rights of the people of the State, he said. “However, we must know our roots to save and protect it,” he stated. NEIDP does not belong only to Manipur, it belongs to the entire northeast, he added.

The public has gained its trust to the party after witnessing what it has done and achieved and they know that NEIDP will work by going in harmony with the general sentiments of the people, he maintained.

There have been several issues in the State which could not be brought to the Centre or give a solution. If the party becomes successful, those issues will be raised, he said.

President of the working committee, NEIDP, N. Samarjit stated that NEIDP was established with the vision not only to unite the people of Manipur but to bring the entire people of northeast together, he said.

However, the visions of NEIDP will not be realised until there is a division between north and the east, he said. Though the country is democratic, the meaning of democracy ceases to exist if some sections of the society manipulate democracy for their own gain, he stated.

Therefore, the party will take a major role in giving awareness about the rights of each and every individual, he said.  It has been unfortunate that there has been a trend of buying the voting rights of the people during a few hours’ time by the government. This not only robs their rights but it takes away their right to life, stated. He expressed hope that a time will come in the future when everyone will enjoy their rights and the fruits of their labour.


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