kangpokpi SDO bomb attack


The resident of Bungte Chiru, an MCS officer, was yesterday attacked by bomb explosion at his Keithelmanbi Military Colony, Kangpokpi.

The bomb attack yesterday night is the first such incident in 2019 and the third in three months in Kangpokpi district after the twin blast at Kangpokpi district headquarters last year on October 19 and November 3 suspected to have connection with monetary demand.

Security forces incuding Kangpokpi Police and 38 Assam Rifles immediately rushed to Kaigoulal Kipgen, an MCS officer residence at Keithelmanbi Military Colony where a suspected Chinese hand grenade was blasted by unknown miscreants and took stock of the situation.

It is learnt that the explosion happened after a felicitation programme was conducted at his residence for being promoted to sub-divisional officer (SDO) from SDC at Kangpokpi DC office.

At the time of the incident, the MCS officer was with his family including his father Lunsat Kipgen, a special Contractor, his mother a retired ZEO and other family members inside their residence. A crater was seen on the ground of the upper space of the MCS officer residence while several splinter marks were seen on the wall of the Granary and the window glass were broken.

Police also recovered few fragment of the bomb and a safety lever of the grenade found near the crater while a Suo- Moto was taken by Kangpokpi police for investigation of the incident. A sniffer dog was also called in by the Assam Rifles yesterday night in its attempt to trace to the culprits.

According to the MCS officer family, they have no threats from any organization but they avoid an envelope found in front of their residential gate week back on January 31 which disappeared after some days.

In connection with the incident, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi District and all civil voluntary organisations under the aegis of Kuki Inpi gave a strong condemnation stating that the attack is taken seriously and considered as serious disregard towards the Kuki Inpi.

Meanwhile, an enraged local of Keithelmanbi staged a sit in protest against the incident of bomb blast at Keithelmanbi Military Colony this afternoon at Teijang Veng from 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm demanding terrorism free Keithelmanbi and security of the SDO and his family in particular and the local denizens as a whole.

The protesters mainly women held placards which reads, “Bombs are not a solution”, “Don’t disturb the civilize world with uncivilized acts”, “Think beyond and stop terrorism”, “We want terrorism free Keithelmanbi”, “We want justice” and so on.

The sit-in protest was organised jointly by Keithelmanbi Village Authority, Keithelmanbi Womens’ Association and Keithelmanbi Youth Association to exhibit the people’s discontentment and condemnation of bomb cultures in the village in particular and the entire district in general.

An executive member of KWA said that the local populace of Keithelmanbi strongly rejected and condemned the bomb culture experience for the first time in the village and expressed disappointment over the introduction of such menacing culture in the village.

She continued that the incident has create fear and anxiety among the innocent women and children, young boys and girls, men and women, young and old people of Keithelmanbi compelling us to come out and protest against such uncivilized act to stop happening again in future.

A total of nine bomb blast incident has been recorded so far in Kangpokpi District since 2010. The first one being on May 18, 2010 in a suspected sabotage plan to blow up a bridge on the outskirts of Kangpokpi Town on NH-2 where a person suspected to be the bomb planter got his head blown off and died on the spot.


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