Manipur fake encouter

Human right bodies in Manipur have sought justice for fake encounter victims while deriding Manipur government’s delay in persecuting charge-sheeted security personnel.

Extrajudicial Execution Victims’ Families Association, Manipur (EEVAM) and Human Rights Alert (HRA), in a press conference on Thursday evening,  alleged that the non-granting of the prosecution sanction was against the pre-poll promised made by BJP in 2017.

HRA executive director Babloo Loitongbam claimed that the ruling BJP in its 2017 pre-poll “vision document” promised that if they come to power they would investigate all fake encounter cases and punish guilty personnel within one month.

Loitongbam however pointed out that even after two long years of rule, the BJP-led coalition government maintained a “stoic silence” even on the issue of granting sanction to initiate prosecution. “It means, let alone punishing the guilty personnel,” Loitongbam said.

He added the long and arduous struggle of the people to punish the security forces responsible for the extrajudicial execution ended in a whimper due to the incumbent government’s abdication of its own written commitment.

He alleged that under the shadow of AFSPA 1958, thousands of civilians have been extra judicially executed in Manipur.

Their families petitioned the Supreme Court by submitting 1528 cases of extrajudicial execution in 2012. The court after an initial inquiry and much legal quibbling, has so far ordered the CBI to investigate 42 such incidents as a first step.

Till date, the CBI has only completed 13 investigations and submitted their final reports to the courts. In nine out of the 13 cases, the CBI pressed charges including murder. In four cases, they were unable to find sufficient evidences to charge the personnel with murder. The two right bodies alleged the criminal trials against those charge-sheeted security forces personnel have been blocked on the pretext of Manipur government not granting prosecution sanction.



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