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Ngaineikim Kipgen Session Judge Bishnupur today sentence habitual rape offender, Kangabam Boby to undergo rigorous imprisonment of 12 years along with a fine of Rs. 50,000.

The sentence was announced in the open court after the sentence hearing of trail cases against the convict Kangabam Boby,36, son of (L) K Dhanajoy from Lourembam Thoubal district.

The sentence hearing was held today against the convict, K Boby under section 376 (rape) and 506 IPC (Criminal intimidation) after the trial of the case. The trial was on after the IO of Women Police Station after the completion of the investigation of the case against the convict.

Court heard the submission of APP Dhanakumar Pukrambam for the state and Advocate Y Ramananda Defense counsel of convict. APP submitted that the convict is a habitual rape offender and prays for awarded the maximum sentence.

Defense counsel of convict submitted that leniency may be given to the offender having regard to his and the fact that the convict is married man having a family of his own consisting of his wife and two minor children. Defense counsel further submitted that if the convict is incarcerated for long than his minor children will suffer for no fault of their as his wife has no source of income of her own and as such she will not be in a position to maintained herself and their minor children.

Court considering the fact and circumstances, the status of the victim girl who is college going student and taking into the account the fact that the convict was previously convicted for the offence of rape, sentenced the convict Kangabam Boby to undergo rigorous imprisonment of 12 years for committing a crime of rape and simple imprisonment 2 years criminal intimidation along with a fine of 50 thousand rupees. In default of the payment of fine, the convict has to go another 5 months simple imprisonment.Court ordered that a sum of 30 thousand only of fine amount imposed be paid to victim girl as victim compensation.

It may be mention that the case was on against the habitual rape convict by a team of Bishnupur Women police Station after a complaint was lodge by the victim stating that on February 19 last year at around 10 am, when she was waiting for passenger vehicles, a Maruti car stopped near her and offered her a lift telling that he will drop her to the college.

When the victim rejected the offer, the convict told her that he knew her very well and showed good knowledge of her uncle and her locality, thus convincing her to take the lift. Instead of dropping her at the college, she was forcibly taken inside a restaurant located at Utlou Awang Leikai and the convict raped her. The said crime was committed while the convict was on bail in connection with an ongoing trial of another rape case against him before the Court of session Judge Thoubal.

2 month after the second incident of rape committed by convict, K Boby on 26 April last, Salam Imocha Session Judge Thoubal had sentence the convict K Boby, who is also former Zilla Parisad Member ofSikhong Sekmai Nagar Panchayat, to undergo rigorous Imprisonment of 10 years along with a fine of 50 thousand for rape and criminal intimidation.

The sentence of Session judge Thoubal was announced in connection with the case committing raped of victim by forcibly taking inside a restaurant located in Thoubal Mela ground July 19 2014 at around 10 .30 am.



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