MOREH| Mar 8

Despite the assurances of the state government to provide potable water to all the remote and interior parts of the state, a lot of areas are still suffering from lack of proper supply of safe drinking water; and amongst them the border town of Moreh is also one of those suffering from scarcity of water.

The situation in Moreh town, where members of various communities reside, has become so drastic that the people of the town had to buy potable water from the neighbouring country of Myanmar. The waters are being bought in mineral water jars manufactured in Tamu town which has the capacity of holding 20 litres while the sole water supply facility located in the town which is under the PHED department has remained non-functional for more than 30 years.

The scant water supplied by the facility can be used by only a few households along the National Highway when the rest of the town had to rely on other means; and the pipelines laid down in the localities have rusted in the meantime which has amounted to leakages and subsequent loss of precious water flowing on the streets.

Speaking about the issue, VP of Meitei Council Moreh (MCM), L. Tomba stated that repeated appeals have been made to the authorities concerned regarding the shortage of water but so far it has only fallen on deaf-ears. The water supplied by the facility has also the potential to harm the human body as the water is unfiltered and supplied directly from the rivers, he asserted.

In the meantime, several appeals for lying of new water pipelines have also been made by CVOs of the town to the authorities concerned including appeals at public meetings to ministers and ministers. “But despite their assurances, no concrete work has been iniatiate so far,” several community leaders of the town complained.

Another sad fact about the issue is the condition of the Muslim community of Moreh Muslim Nagar Ward number V who have been digging small wells along the banks of the polluted Khujailok and Lailok rivers in order to receive a handful of water for domestic use for years. Moreover, the small quantity of water received from the PHED water supply facility has also been rendered useless for collection due to the leakages in the pipes.

In view of the prevailing circumstances, several community leaders of the town have appealed the state government to address the issue of water shortage at the earliest.



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