UKHRUL| Sep 2: Due to the acute shortage of teaching staff at Phadang Government High School, Masotmi Nimmi Michael Foundation (MNM Foundation) has engaged one science teacher for the remaining academic session of the year.

The present Phadang Government High School was established in 1952 and was formerly known as ME School. It was upgraded to High School in 1978 and was inaugurated by former CM of Manipur,YangmashoShaiza and was upgraded to a Higher Secondary School in 1998 and downgraded later in the following year.

Presently, the school has 9 teaching staff and 68 students from Standard I to X. Amongst them, six are primary teachers, one Arts graduate and one Hindi graduate along with one graduate Science teacher who is away pursuing his B. Ed course. Due to the acute shortage of teaching staff at the school, the village had engage one Maths teacher and one Social Science teacher, said education secretary of Phalee Youth Organisation. Ng. Wungnganing.

During a joint meeting held on August 25 between Phadang Government High School, SMDC of PGHS, Phalee Youth Organisation and MNM Foundation, it was agreed that MNM Foundation would engage one Science teacher for the period of September to December 2019. Consequently, RN Wungnaozum has been employed with a monthly salary of Rs. 6000. The salary will be borne by MNM Foundation said its director, ThotmahaiRaingam while adding the absence of a science teacher would have created great inconveniences especially for the students who will be appearing for the HSLC Examination 2020.

The agreement has been signed formally today at Phalee Government High School in the presence of SMDC, Phalee Youth Organisation, school officials and representatives from MNM Foundation headed by director and field project manager, NingreipamPhungchamnao.

ThotmahaiRaingam further stated that the foundation is sponsoring 21 students from different villages since its operation from 2018 and has also opened a Coaching Centre at Maichon Village for children in the month of August by engaging one teacher. The foundation was set up in memory of Masotmi, Nimmi and Michael by their families and friends. The MNM Team also visited Blesso Montessori School at Phalee where the foundation is sponsoring few students.

Meanwhile, Ng. Wungnganing has appealed the authority concerned to kindly address the grievances faced by the school.


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