Citizenship Bill Protest

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 13 (MExN): The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has expressed shock over the statement made by lone Lok Sabha MP Tokheho Yepthomi in the media that he was absent in the parliament when the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was put to vote in the Parliament.

Rebutting the MP’s statement that “he would never betray the trust of the people intentionally,” a rejoinder issued by the NPF press bureau demanded to know how a responsible leader like him could have acted so irresponsibly as to abstain from voting on such important issue that pertains to the future of the Nagas.

“Nagas have elected him to represent our people in the lower house of Parliament, and not for him to loiter around here in the state,” the NPF added.

It also stated that if the MP is concerned about the future of the Naga people, he should not have shied away on the most crucial day when the Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha adding that he should have been present on spot to oppose the Bill tooth and nail and put up a good fight for the rights and future of the Nagas.

The NPF therefore demanded to know from MP Tokheho “what other issue can be more important or serious in nature than the CAB that seeks to deprive the very existence of the indigenous people, our identity and our right and refrain from attending the Parliament and whether he was elected to address the grievances of the state to which he represent or to follow his master command.” Taking all into account, the NPF categorically pointed out that the “MP has lost all moral right to represent the Naga people and the state basing on his poor performance and hypocritical role surrounding the CAB issue with intention to sell out the future of the Nagas to our adversaries.”



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