Dimapur, Sep. 4 (EMN): With incidents like unwarranted deaths, gang and communal fights, illicit and unethical scenes, theft, destruction of public properties etc. continuing unabated at the Naga Heritage Village in Kisama despite their constant effort to prevent such acts, six apex organisations of the region have resolved to set up rules and code of conducts to curb unethical activities that contravene and disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the area.

The organisations — Kigwema Women Society (KWS), Phesama Women Society (PWS), Kigwema Youth Organisation (KYO), Phesama Youth Organisation (PYO), Kigwema Students’ Union (KSU) and Phesama Students’ Union (PSU) – stated in a press release that the tourist hotspot has “turned out to be a breeding and manifestation hub for all unexpected and unethical activities” over the years.

The organisations decided during a recent joint meeting to henceforth initiate their own course of action against those who indulge in activities like:
• Sale of prohibited/banned items such as IMFL and other abusive substances in the area
• Individual/group inciting/ indulging in gang/village or communal fracas
• Indulging in theft or destruction of public properties under Heritage Village
• Rallying/racing vehicles inside Heritage Village
• Posing open obscene/unethical scenes and wilfully polluting the area wantonly

The organisations have taken a strong exception against groups and people initiating and imposing their ‘self-vested course of activities and conditions on people in the area.’ Stating that the area is left unattended after the annual Hornbill Festival, the organisations have also urged the Tourism department to seriously look into its maintenance.


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