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DIMPAUR, AUG 28 (NPN): Despite the call for boycott by several apex Naga tribal bodies, Naga Hoho (NH) went ahead with its scheduled general meeting at Angh House, Agri Expo here on Wednesday and elected new office-bearers.

The new set of office bearers of NH is led by HK Zhimomi as president, Yansathung Jami and Samson Remei as vice-presidents, K Elu Ndang as general secretary, Y Mhonchumo Lotha as deputy speaker and Toniho Sheqhi as assembly speaker.

Sumi Hoho, Western Sumi Hoho and Naga Council Dimapur had barred their members from attending the meeting.

In his speech, new president HK Zhimomi assured that he and his new team of office bearers’ main objective would be to bring unity among the Nagas.

Being aware of the fact that some organisations were not in favour of their members attending the general meeting, he said he was very pleased and encouraged to see many devoted Naga people coming and attending it despite this.

Zhimomi said though his organisation was not with him, but the fact that his people loved and supported him was what mattered most to him, adding he would try his best to bring unity among the Nagas. He asserted that as long as his people supported and stood behind him, he was not worried about anything.

He observed that the problem with Naga people was that everyone wanted to become a leader, intellectual or spokesperson, but did not wish to be a follower.

Chaired by K Elu Ndang, Ao Baptist Church of Diphupar pastor N Lipok Jamir offered invocation at the programme.

In his farewell speech, outgoing NH president P Chuba Ozukum stressed that unity was the only way for Nagas to march forward. He said there were turmoil and a feeling of insecurity in the minds of Nagas due to fratricidal killings among Naga brothers at the time of him joining the hoho.

Mentioning that there were too many thorns to deal with during his tenure as president, he added that he did not want to point accusing finger at any individual or organisation for fragmenting NH.

He said his entire team faced lots of struggles during their tenure to keep NH afloat as a platform for entire Naga people without borders.

Clarifying that the hoho was not against formation of any new association, organisation or union, Chuba stressed such organisations should work for welfare and common interest of Naga people. He asserted that NH was open to any individual or organisation to work cohesively without fear and interference for the interest of Naga people, adding it always stood firm against all evil forces while protecting legitimate rights of Naga people for unification of all Naga areas.

He claimed that NH tried its best to maintain good relationships with all, both at national and international level for the cause Naga people.

He said his involvement with NH started in 2003 as its publicity secretary and elected as vice-general secretary in 2008, before taking over as president in 2013.

Chuba remarked that Nagaland as a State was created out of political compulsion and became one of the States of Indian Union.

“The present State of Nagaland has been created with the blood and tears of many Naga households and therefore it belongs to the Nagas. But unfortunately, the Nagas have planted seeds of division among themselves by erecting borders between Nagas of Nagaland and Nagas from other regions, under the patronage of our adversaries,” he observed.

According to him, confusion and despair were looming in the minds of the people with the change of position. He ended his speech by stating that the sense of oneness must come from the heart of every Naga national worker, politician, civil society leader, tribe leader and intellectuals at this crucial moment to unite as one family in helping reaching “our common destination”.

Speeches were delivered by Lotha Public Organisation president, Zeliangrong Baudi (N) president, Dr SA Walling and others.

Solidarity messages were also given by representatives from Myanmar, Assam and United Naga Council. Dedicatory prayer for the new office bearers was pronounced by senior pastor Rev Dr Khetoshe Aye.



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