Naga Hoho

Kohima, July 2 (MExN): The Federal Assembly of the Naga Hoho has termed the Government of India’s declaration that the “whole state of Nagaland is in a disturbed and dangerous condition” a “big lie.”

“How long does the Government of India intend to subjugate the Nagas?” asked the Naga Hoho in a press release from its Speaker, Kenyuseng Tep. “Is it not enough that for more than half a century Nagas were being tortured, killed and been pressured to psychological trauma?”

The Federal Assembly appealed the Government of India to “immediately withdraw its declaration instead come out with its political will for a permanent solution to Indo-Naga problems which will negate violence and bring peace.” It also appealed the Nagaland State Government to “come out with its reason and present it to the central government that the present peaceful situation in Nagaland do not need such a draconian law.”

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The apex Hoho stated in a press release today that India should “honour” its statement of recognizing the “uniqueness of the Nagas” and accepting the Indo-Naga issue as a “political one.”

“The current political dialogue between the Indian and the Naga political group is on the progress which has the full backing of the people for peaceful and honourable lasting solutions,” stated the Hoho. Further, “accusing the whole Nagaland State as a dangerous condition by the Government of India and imposing the draconian law of AFSPA is a clear devilish intention of the Indian Government to damage the image of the Nagas internationally when Nagas are prepared for a peaceful political solution to the protracted Indo-Naga problem and present political dialogue between the two entities is a clear gesture of avoiding conflicts and to build a mutual understanding to peacefully resolve the problem.”

The Naga Hoho affirmed that more than 50 years of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) in Nagaland has only caused suffering through human rights violation and has done “nothing for peace nor has resolved any problems.”



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