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16.08.2018, 9:44 AM
DIMAPUR, AUG 14: Observing the 72nd Naga Independence Day today at Hebron Camp, off Dimapur, the NSCN-IM has called upon theneighbours of the Nagas to “understand together” the issues. The NSCN-IM also said that the neighbours of the Nagas will also benefit from the Naga political solution.

Gen (Retd) Kholi, Vice president of the government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (NSCN-IM), in his speech on the
occasion said that the Nagas are ready to understand together with their neighbours. “We are ready to understand together with our neighbours on issues of each others’ history and rights provided they come with rational and realistic approach and are prepared to appreciate the history and the right of the Naga people in its right perspective,” the speech of Gen (Retd) Kholi said.
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15.08.2018, 8:44 AM

Nagaland Governor, PB Acharya has appealed to all sections of Naga people, particularly tribal hohos, civil society groups, NGOs, youth and hard-working womenfolk and farmers to come forward and support the ongoing Naga peace process with a spirit of understanding, brotherhood and unity.

In his Independence Day message, the governor also hoped that people’s efforts would help Nagaland in scaling new heights of development, which would contribute significantly to the progress and prosperity of the nation.

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15.08.2018, 8:42 AM

Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) Kedahge (President) Gen. (Retd) Viyalie Metha today maintained the FGN recognizes the fact that the Indo-Naga conflict remains unresolved due to the “invasion and continued occupation” of “our land by India and Burma.”

In his address at the 72nd Nagaland Independence Day here, the FGN president reiterated that the long drawn Indo-Naga conflict is not an Indian internal law and order problem and that Nagas are not secessionists or insurgents. “The conflict is an international conflict of invasion by India and Burma. Nagas are only defending the Naga nation. Therefore, the conflict can only be resolved from an international level.”

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13.08.2018, 10:04 AM
Dimapur, August 12 (MExN): The Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) has wished “every peace and freedom loving Naga brethren spread across 120,000 kilometers Naga aboriginal habitat in the tri-junction of India, China & Myanmar a Happy Independence Day.” The NSCN (IM)’s MIP today informed all its members (both in the Civil & Military set ups ) other than those on duty at battalions, brigades, region offices and on command missions to join in commemorating the 72nd Independence Day of Nagalim at the Council Head Quarters, Hebron on Tuesday, August 14, 10:00 am onwards. The Presidential Speech on the occasion will be read out by the Kilo Kilonser, who will unfurl the Naga National Flag. Special features of the program will include the Naga Army drill display by the General Field Training Headquarters and special numbers by the children from the Orphanage School and mothers (wives) from the Widows’ Federation of the GPRN. An Independence Day feast will mark the end of the day.

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13.08.2018, 10:03 AM

Kohima, August 12 (MExN): The NNC/FGN has resolved to “steadfastly maintain the dignity, integrity and sovereignty of the Naga Nation” and reaffirmed certain historical events.

These events include the Naga Memorandum to John Simon, British statutory Commission on January 10, 1929; formation of the Naga National Council (NNC) on February 2, 1946; Naga Independence declaration on August 14, 1947; the Voluntary Plebiscite of May 16, 1951; the Lakhuti Resolution of April 27, 1955; proclamation of the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) on March 22, 1956, and the International Ceasefire Agreement between the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) and the Government of India on September 6, 1964.

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13.08.2018, 10:00 AM

Kohima, August 12 (MExN): The Naga Hoho is upset with the present political scenario currently encountered by the Nagas in Arunachal Pradesh “created by different Indian agencies.”

However, “we cannot blame the Government of India (GoI) entirely as many of our own people are found to be working for petty personal interest leaving aside the Naga national interest,” stated the Naga Hoho today in a press release while taking serious note of how the Eastern Naga National Government (ENNG) served a ‘warning letter’ to the Arunachal Naga Students’ Federation (ANSF) when the latter attempted to organize a public consultation between the people and the Joint Secretary of Home Ministry, GoI to elucidate the Indo-Naga peace talks “vis-à-vis the recognition of unique identity of the Nagas.”

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12.08.2018, 8:06 AM

DIMAPUR | Aug 11 : Rh Raising, Convnor of the Steering Committee, the highest decision making body of the NSCN-IM, has sad that the sovereignty of the Nagas has never been compromised, “and will never betray the people’s trust and aspiration”.

The NSCN-IM leader also said that the Naga outfit “ survived the harsh attempt of the adversaries to annihilate the Naga political movement because our movement is a principle and issue based backed by the Gaon Buras (GBs) besides the benevolent Almighty’s will”.

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11.08.2018, 7:16 AM

Dimapur, August 10 (MExN): The NSCN (IM) has resented the raid allegedly carried out by the 32 Assam Rifles personnel at the residence of Kishore Jeedung, Member, Steering Committee at Dhansiripar, Dimapur district on August 9.

In a press statement issued by its MIP, the party alleged that the AR personnel on August 9 came “wearing mask and without insignia deliberately violating the Cease Fire Ground Rules (CFGR)” at around 6:40 pm.

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07.08.2018, 3:59 PM

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) with its federating units will be carrying out its 1st Phase of exercise to prevent influx of illegal immigrants in the state, particularly taking into consideration the publication of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam.

This was informed in a press note from NSF, President Kesosul Christopher Ltu and General Secretary, Imtiyapang Imsong today.

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07.08.2018, 3:59 PM

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): The Naga Hoho (NH) has condemned a statement made by Congress leader Shashi Tharor terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wearing of Naga headgear as “outlandish and hilarious.”

Tharoor while speaking at a seminar in Kerala had questioned: “Why does our PM, who wears all sorts of outlandish headgear whenever he goes around country, around the world… why does he always refuse to wear a Muslim skullcap?”

“You see him in hilarious Naga head-dress with feathers, various kinds of extraordinary outfits, which is right thing for PM to do…Indira Gandhi has also been photographed wearing various kinds of costumes,” Tharoor had said while speaking on the theme ‘Standing up to hatred; Violence and intolerance.’

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06.08.2018, 3:26 PM
Tamenglong, August 5 (MExN): The Zeliangrong Civil Organizations today submitted a joint memorandum and served an ultimatum of 72 hours w.e.f. August 5 midnight to the Union Home Minister and Chief Minister of Manipur to book the cadres and functionaries of NSCN (IM) who were involved in the “abduction/picked up” and “subsequent captive” of the youth and student leaders on August 4 at Tamenglong district HQ, informed a press release from Zeliangrong Students’ Union Manipur (ZSUM).
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04.08.2018, 6:52 PM

Dimapur, Aug. 2 (EMN): Even as August 3 this year marks the third year of the “framework agreement” having been signed between the government of India and the NSCN (IM), the Naga Hoho has stated that the Naga people’s hopes have been ‘crushed once again.’

“Different Indian agencies have been claiming that Indo-Naga peace deal is very much in advanced stage and the pact is likely to be signed any time. Our last bet for signing the agreement is during the ensuing monsoon session of Parliament, however we are fretting that it is likely to vanish into thin air again,” read a press release from the organisation on Thursday.

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