MPCC hunger strike

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) members protesting against the government for the non-disclosure of Naga peace talks and not convening of special assembly session on the issue, are on a relay hunger strike at Congress Bhavan. The relay hunger strike, which began in Imphal on Saturday will continue till November 20. During the five-day long relay hunger strike, MPCC members, youth congress and Mahila Congress will take shifts, party sources said.

Briefing the media on the sidelines of the strike, MPCC vice-president T Mangi said the people cannot remain calm in the present situation in Manipur though different state political leaders have convened that the Centre has assured of not interfering in the state’s territorial integrity.

Demand for special Assembly session on Naga peace talks

Different political parties have made frequent appeal to the state government for convening a special assembly session in the state and to disclose the contents of the peace talk. But both the state and central government have failed to meet the demands of the people, he added.

Besides keeping a no compromise on the territorial boundary of the State, no other administrative arrangement should be made within the state since such arrangement will be a factor in disintegrating the unity of the State, Mangi said. He also said that the MPCC will continue holding different democratic forms of protest since trusting the verbal assurance of the chief minister can be a problem for the state.

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BJP lacks trust in democracy: O Joy

MPCC spokesperson O Joy said the final settlement of the Naga peace talks will conclude in Parliament since it is the supreme legislative body in a parliamentary system of democracy. He also alleged the BJP of not knowing the gravity of the situation in the state and further labelled it as a party which lacks trust in the parliamentary system of democracy.

Joy said that the chief minister has been making different excuses to avoid the special assembly session demanded by different political parties of the State. The decision taken by the state assembly will be the decision of people of Manipur since the decision will be taken by people’s representatives, he said. The decision of the chief minister and the state government cannot be the decision of people, he added.


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