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Kohima | April 6

360 students from different parts of Nagaland state today received Scholarship Award 2019 from Kohima Educational Trust (KET), United Kingdom. This Scholarship Award 2019 cost around Rs. 35 lakhs.

KET, through its affiliate the Kohima Educational Society (KES), have been awarding scholarship to the Naga students as a gratitude to the Nagas for supporting the allied forces during the battle of Kohima in 1944, which has been considered as greatest war in the history of Britain.

Addressing the award ceremony held at The Heritage, KET CEO Sylvia May said that when KET and KES was set up, it was decided that “we could do most by helping young Nagas with their education, assisting in some way with school fees, or books, uniforms or entrance fees or any other cost associated with getting an education.

She said that KET was set up the scholarship programme, “because, my father, Gordon Graham one of the founding member of KET, was a huge believer in the importance of education.”

She said Gordon worked his whole life as an educational publisher and absolutely believed that “we should all be learners throughout our lives so that we are equipped to put this knowledge back into society.”

Nagaland will develop more strongly with your talent and commitment, she informed the gathering.

She thanked KES for the tremendous organization and hard work, put in to make this award ceremony a success.

Speaking on behalf of KET scholars, Tomugha Awomi thanked Gordon Graham, founder director of KET because of whom all this Scholarship Award made possible.

Awomi said that he (Gordon) may not be here today but his legacy built through his great efforts “will remain with us, and we will always remember him and thank him.”

He also thanked all the honored delegates and sponsors for their blessed support.

“We cannot express how thankful and grateful we are for the blessings you have bestowed upon us. It has given us encouragement and the motivation to put better efforts towards shaping our future, enabling us to stand on our own two feet,” Awomi said.

Why and from where are we getting this help? It’s not because of something that you and I have done but something that our forefathers did, long before even you and I were born. They sowed the seed by their actions and we are enjoying the fruits of their toil, he said and urged fellow scholars to always understand and remember that “we on our part must also do our best for the future generations, just as we have received this help I hope that we on our part do what we can and not let it go to vain.”

“I, on my part am very grateful and I sincerely wish to give something back in return. I know that I am incapable as of now but in future when I become someone I hope to do my part and give my support to my people just as the KET,” Awomi said.

Earlier, welcome address was delivered by KES president Dr. P. Ngully while Rozele Mero compered the ceremony.


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