Dr Shürhozelie

Kohima, February 3 (MExN): Naga People’s Front (NPF) President Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu has clarified his stand on charges labeled by the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) President Chingwang Konyak.

In a counter rejoinder, Dr Shürhozelie stated that the accusation made by Konyak against him appear “more personal” than presenting his argument in the capacity as President of NDPP.

Referring to his speech on January 31, Dr Shürhozelie stated that he had said “Today, Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) is ruling the State. This Party is not a regional party as its name indicates. They own the Globe to be their empire and as such they have no program for Nagaland.”

He reiterated his stand that ‘Facta non Verba’ (deeds not words) is the motto of St Edmund’s College, Shillong, stating he was aware of it because he was a student of the College, adding if the NDPP, “from literary perspective, have not taken permission for its use, their motto is to be treated as stolen goods.” If they have taken care of the established norm while adopting it, “matter ends there,” Dr Shürhozelie asserted.

With regard to NPF flag being a reversed French flag, Dr Shürhozelie retorted that “horizontal and vertical are two different things. But even if one presumes it to be same, what is the point of argument?”

He went on to state that cock is a sacred bird for the Naga people which every Naga would agree, and thus “need no further explanation.”

While agreeing with Konyak who said he was “unceremoniously removed as Chief Minister,” Dr Shürhozelie stated that he had no regrets for it since he never asked for that chair. Rather, he was “compelled to take up the job to save the situation created by someone” where precious lives were lost and more than 20 Government offices burnt down, he maintained.

“Though I was not a member of the NLA, I am aware of the Constitutional provision,” and thus took the stand to face the challenge, Dr Shürhozelie stated to which he claimed to have “successfully brought back the situation to normal in one month’s time.”

“I have done my job to the full expectation of the people. Therefore, I have no regret for my removal as Chief Minister,” Dr Shürhozelie said.

He further stated that whether Konyak knew the reason behind his “removal by BJP Government at the Centre in connivance with some tall leaders in Nagaland,” he did not feel bad because he “believed in the wisdom of my people who understand the very reason in this drama.”

Dr Shürhozelie asserted his due respect to all political parties including national parties but he never worships national parties, stating he was regional in everything and “my commitment is to defend regional interests.”

Agreeing that the Nagas today are fed up with the politics of lies and propaganda, Dr Shürhozelie affirmed that no political party should take the Nagas for a ride but let truth prevail.

Meanwhile, stating that he hates paper war, the NPF President wants to throw an open challenge, “if need be” to have public debate on the whole matter.



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