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Dimapur, March 16: The opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) party will issue tickets for the upcoming elections to the Aonglenden and Lok Sabha seats either on March 18 or 19; the candidates’ names will also be declared the same day.

The information was provided to Eastern Mirror by the NPF spokesperson, Achumbemo Kikon, on Saturday. He said that as the date for notification is on March 18, the tickets shall be issued on March 18 or 19; and added that the party will officially announce the candidates on that day.

He shared the party’s disappointment over the government of India’s failure to solve Indo-Naga issue. Kikon recalled how Naga civil groups had previously demanded solution before election.

“So we thought that can materialise. All the political parties wanted to support it; we supported. But we backed out and went ahead with the assembly election and came up with a slogan ‘election for solution,’” he said.

“After that, the by-election came, the parliamentary election, where the (current) chief minister resigned and the seat became vacant. That is through the slogan ‘election for solution.’ Now, this is the third election that they have announced. So as a party that stands for solution—the desire for early solution of the Naga issue, we are not very pleased to the announcement.

“However, as we are also a political party registered under the Election Commission of India, we cannot shy away once the election is announced,” he maintained. Highly reliable sources said that the NPF was yet to decide between two applicants for the Aonglenden ticket.



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