Dimapur, Aug. 21 (EMN): Naga Civil Society Organisations in Myanmar have sent greetings to ‘all Nagas across ancestral Naga Homeland divided by two countries, regions and states’ and appealed for unity.

This was conveyed through a joint statement issued by Naw Aung Sann, acting president of Council of Naga Affairs; and Solomon Theibung, president of Naga Students and Youth Federation.

“Having cognizance of the prevailing political situation in the Naga Homeland, we would like to urge Nagas from all walks of life to remain vigil and united so that Nagas as a people will not fall into the hands of those that are trying to rob Naga People’s rights and dignity,” read the statement.

“We would also like to urge Naga leaders on all fronts to be more watchful at this decisive moment so that we will not repeat the same mistakes which have left us divided and confused while we extend a sincere appreciation and acknowledgment for the contributions of the past and present leaders,” it added.

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The organisations also expressed its support and solidarity to the Naga Hoho, stating that it has been playing an important role in “connecting Naga peoples across the imposed borders and regions regardless of foreign powers that deny Nagas as a people living together under one roof.” While appreciating the Naga Hoho for its vision of oneness for Naga people, the organisations urged it to continue to hold “the torch of unity and a shared future of Nagas.”

The organisations also urged “all Nagas in the west to give full support and stand with Naga Hoho by leaving aside all the differences so that Naga Hoho as the parental body of all the Naga CSOs will be able to further the mission of common vision for all Nagas.”

“As Naga people have paid too heavy a price for disunity and division amongst ourselves, we pray and encourage every single Naga regardless of any background to walk on the path of the common goal all Nagas long to experience again,” it concluded.


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