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373 Naga artistes to participate in ‘Kumbh Mela’ at Allahabad

373 artistes from Nagaland will be taking part this year in the ongoing Kumbh Mela organized at Allahabad, Uttar.

The mela, which has been listed in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage and attracts world’s biggest gathering of people commences on January 12 and will conclude on March 4.

Under the aegis of Sanskar Bharati, which seeks to promote regional art and culture, Sanskar Bharati Nagaland will present different art and cultures of the tribes of Nagaland for which artistes have been selected from all the districts of the state. The days slotted for the participants from Nagaland are January 22, 23 and 24.

With special emphasis on the states of Northeast, two acres of land have been allotted to the NE states to set up an “Apna Poorvottar Pavillion” in which a Morung has been constructed to showcase the cultures of the Nagas. The arrangements have been sponsored by Sanskar Bharati and financed by the Ministry of Culture.

Briefing about the Sanskar Bharati Nagaland (SBN) core-committee, State coordinator T Amenla Jamir during a press conference, Saturday stated that Sanskar Bharati is a national organization aiming to promote art and culture in every states of India. It has been in existence in Nagaland for almost ten years but no indigenous members were involved, but through the concern of Sanskar Bharati (all India general secretary) Amirchandji who wanted the tribal members to be part of the organization a core-committee of SBN was officially formed comprising of 11 members from different personalities, in the month of July 2018.

Talking about SBN and the events, SBN advisor Dr Hesheto Chishi said that the primary objective of Sanskar Bharati is to relive the tribal cultural values and create a platform of livelihood focussing more on the rural artistes so that they are recognized and identified.

He also highlighted the various activities under Sanskar Bharati till date. He also maintained that it will be the first as a core committee to part take in the National level activities.

SBN general secretary Esther Aye said that they will also be acknowledging various genuine personalities of Nagaland during the event. Members also mentioned that Nagaland Governor and CM have also extended their well wishes.

The event is expected to attract 20 crore participants from 192 countries.

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