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42nd Indian Folklore Congress held

IMPHAL | Dec 27    

The lack of employment scope in studying folklore and its presence in every community may be the reason why folklore is being neglected, said minister of education, Th. Radheshyam.

The minister was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural function of the national seminar on ‘Dynamics of Indian Folklore’ in commemoration of the 42nd Indian Folklore Congress at Central hall of D.M College of Science.

He continued that what we are today is because of our past and what we do now will decide our future, and stressed on the importance of folklore to be made widely known to the people.

Asserting that any field of study is not going to be useful if it divides the society, Radheshyam also said that study and research should focus on good things of folklore that can lead the people in a better place.

He further said that public still have negative thoughts about folklore, which is the reason why the seminar after being conducted for 48 years still did not have much impact towards the people.

According to the demands and interest of the people, efforts will be made to do something especially for the study of folklore, added Radheshyam.

Speaking as the special guest of the function, president of Indian Folklore Committee, professor Jawaharlal Handoo while saying that folklore is knowledgeable which can be passed on. But he questioned the absence of folklore in Indian educational institutes.

He also questioned why people fail to study the cultures and folklores even though many western and scientific educations are being studied. Saying that the country Finland was created out of folklore, he also mentioned the importance of preserving the oral traditions which are passed on from the ancestors.

Vice president of Indian Folklore Congress, professor M. Mani Meitei while speaking as guest of honour, said that folklore is a subject which is neglected and misunderstood even among educated people.

Drawing the attention of the government and the vice chancellor of D.M University to establish a folklore department, he also said that folklore can contribute in bridging the gaps between different communities.

The study of folklore will also show that different communities have close ties among themselves said the guest of honour and added that folklore study should be encouraged in the state.

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