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8-year-old Girl allegedly raped by her own Uncle in Nagaon

Guwahati/Nagaon, Aug 6: In a shocking incident, an 8-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her own uncle at Harijan Colony in Nagaon.

According to sources, the uncle allegedly pounced upon the girl when no one was present at his home.

The uncle has been identified as Raja Rabidas and has been arrested by the Police following the allegations.

Speaking to media persons, the mother of the victim stated that her daughter recounted before her the entire incident when she realized that her brother-in-law has raped her daughter. She was bleeding from her private parts, alleged the mother.

The incident has led to much sensation in the entire area, more because of the fact that the alleged rapist is the uncle of the victim.

Locals of the area have demanded strictest punishment for the alleged rape case.

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