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Accord with Naga groups on the cards, says BJP political resolution

The all important political resolution passed during the just concluded BJP National Executive meeting on September 9 has stated that “accord with underground Naga groups is on the cards paving way for lasting peace in the region”. Termed as a “resolution on New India”, the much awaited National executive meeting of the ruling BJP saw wide participation of party leaders from across the country. Important issues ranging from jobs, agriculture, national security, digital connectivity and even the National Register of Citizens were deliberated.

Though the mention of the Naga peace process was confined to a single sentence in the resolution, the BJP appears to have weighed the importance of a peace accord to end what is often described as the longest running ‘insurgency.’ The political resolution of the BJP would have taken into consideration the number of assurances made by the party leadership as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resolve the Naga problem during the present term of the government.

The ‘Naga problem will be solved’, was what Modi said during a rare mention of the issue when he addressed an election rally in Tuensang, Nagaland earlier in February 2018. “I hope that in the next few months we will be able to find a solution that honors Naga people and respect their political rights. We are taking everyone together for this”, was what the Indian Prime Minister stated.

Mention may also be made that the BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav in the run up to the Nagaland Assembly elections earlier in the year had assured that elections would pave way towards concluding the Naga Accord. And despite the demand of the Naga public for ‘solution before election’, Assembly elections went ahead following the number of assurances both from the ruling BJP and the Prime Minister himself.

Meanwhile the resolution also mentions how in just four years’ time, India has emerged as a united and strong nation. “The government is respected within India as well as outside. We have had a record four years of riot-free India. Maoism, once a threat in about 160 districts in the country, is today contained to just 20 districts. Soon we are going to have a Maoist insurgency-free India. Urban Maoism too is being curbed with an iron hand”, the resolution stated.

The resolution also points out that internal security situation have drastically improved. “The North East remained largely peaceful, with six out of eight states electing BJP/NEDA governments. Accord with underground Naga groups is on the cards paving way for lasting peace in the region”.

On the publication of the National Register of Citizens, the BJP states that this has helped secure “the cultural, economic and demographic interests of the state as well as the national security interests of India”. The National Executive reassured every genuine Indian citizen that none of them shall be left out when the final NRC is published.

“We shall also take steps to protect the interests of the minorities in our neighbourhood who come to India seeking refuge”, it stated while complimenting the Modi government for its determination in “weeding out the infiltrators, whether they are Bangladeshis or Rohingya”.

The resolution also stated that “stern steps taken by our government in the last three years have led to elimination of more than six hundred terrorists in J&K”. “The National Executive is proud that our leadership has held national interest above party interest and boldly walked out of the government in that state in order to facilitate more concrete action for peace and development there”, the resolution in relation to Kashmir stated.


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