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ADC Ukhrul condemns eviction of six ADC members

IMPHAL | Sept 11 : ADC Ukhrul has come out strongly condemning the eviction of six ADC members of Tamenglong and Ukhrul from the temporary allotted quarters inside State Youth and Sports Hostel no. 1 at Khuman Lampak.

In a press briefing with Ukhrul District Working Journalist Association (UDWJA) at the chamber of ADC Ukhrul chairman, spokesperson of ADC Ukhrul, Poathing Vashum informed that the temporary quarter allotment was given in 2010, when the incumbent CM, N. Biren Singh was then the sports minister during the previous government. He also informed that it has been almost three years that the ADC members from hill districts have been demanding for allotment of quarters at the said ADC Bhavan at Chingmeirong. However, their appeal has not yield any result as the said ADC Bhavan is still being occupied by former ADC members.

Poathing drew the attention of state government policy for harbouring the former ADC members at ADC Bhavan and for denying the said rights to the present ADC members. He added that the whole process is unacceptable and a humiliation to the people of hill districts. He stressed that there is no devolution of power and no adequate fund allotted and accused the present government of exploiting the rights and autonomy of tribal people.

“The present government is not serious on the development and wellbeing of tribal people and there is strong discrimination to the elected members of the hill districts,” he added.

He also appealed the state government to immediately accommodate the six ADC members at the ADC Bhavan or arrange other alternative accommodation at the earliest. Poathing claimed that elected ADC members from the hill district constitute part of the government and should not be treated differently.

Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL) has also condemned the callous process of evicting the six ADC members from Tamenglong and Ukhrul. President of TSL, Grace Shatsang expressed that the eviction process has created commotion and instilled psychological trauma to the wives and children. The suffering and inconvenience of the families should be addressed at the earliest by the state government, she added.

She further stated that rightful space and place should be allotted to the six ADC members and questioned the sanity of the government in allotting the ADC Bhavan to unauthorised occupancy.


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