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ADC Ukhrul decries shortage of cash in banks

UKHRUL | Jul 11 : ADC Ukhrul has seriously viewed the shortage of cash in banks of Ukhrul district, which have not received remittance for the past two months.

In a press conference held at the chamber of chairman, ADC Ukhrul, PaothingVashum said that due to shortage of cash inthe banks, people are facing serious transaction problems and few existing ATM booth has also stopped functioning.

Paothing remarked that there have been many cases of shortage of cash in banks in Ukhrul in the past too and supply of remittance through chopper has not been consistent in the district due to inclement weather condition. If the decision of state cabinet of past government to airlift remittance for Ukhrul is not revoked, the people will continue to face such problems especially during rainy season, he added. He also appealed the authority concerned to make necessary arrangement and changes so as to make the banks operating.

Paothing also said that there is an urgent need for opening of SBI Branch at the heart of Ukhrul town since the branch at Somsai located inside Assam Rifles camp is not convenient for the civilian. There has been report of shifting of SBI Bank at Somsai to Ukhrul town since 2017, however it is yet to be materialised, he added.

He continued that there is no security threat for opening of more bank branches at Ukhrul town. He also cited that UBI Bank has been functioning and operating in the town for the past many decades without any security obstacles which also includes UCO Bank and Cooperative Bank.


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