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Amnesty International India demands release of students, professors

IMPHAL | Sept 28 : Amnesty International India has demanded that the professors and students of Manipur University arrested by the police should be immediately released.

The organisation informed in its latest statement that programme manager, Amnesty International India, Arjit Sen has said midnight raids and subsequent detentions inside a university campus, based on unsubstantiated allegations, is outright harassment.

He further said that there should be an independent investigation into the use of force by police in the university campus and excessive use of force against protesting students in a university cannot be justified under any circumstances, it informed. Arijit Sen further stated that under international human rights law and standards, law enforcement officials must, as far as possible, apply non-violent means before resorting to the use of force; even if used as a last resort, due restraint must be exercised, it added.


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