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Arrest at midnight a humiliation to university community: MUSU general secretary

IMPHAL | Sept 22 : The incident that happened in the University campus in the midnight of September 20 was the most unfortunate incident in the history of Manipur University, where huge forces of both state police and CRPF were deployed and the students in every boy’s hostels were harassed.

This was stated by general secretary of MUSU, Laishram Kennedy in an interview by IFP today. The police forces entered the hostels and personal rooms of the students without any prior permission from the proctor of the University or even informing the hostel wardens, he said.

The arrest of security officer and assistant proctor of MU, professor, N. Sanatomba in the midnight of September 20 while there is crisis inside the University, along with many teachers and students is a humiliation to the whole University community, he stated.

He condemned the action of the police which created physical and mental disturbances to the students whose exams for 2nd and 4th semesters are going on. The students were arrested while they were preparing for their exams. He also said, besides the sound of the firing of tear gas and mock bombs, the sound of gunfire is also heard and more than 20 students got injured. The general secretary further clarified that the raid in the hostels happened around 12:30 am though the government report claims it to be at around 2:30 am.

When asked about the alleged attack on professor, K. Yugindro, he said, as the university community have banned professor, K. Yugindro and professor, M. Syamkesho earlier, they are not welcomed and not expected to enter the university but they entered forcefully, which the university community resisted.

“As we do not want to humiliate them, we talked in a closed room as suggested by professor, K. Yugindro himself, but they misinformed that they have been confined in a room for 2-3 hours,” he added.

Kennedy further mentioned, “After an agreement has been reached we asked professor, Yugindro to sign the statement mentioning the agreed points. If he has the ethics of a teacher, he would have acted accordingly.”

Some angry students threw eggs at him but MUSU calmed them and further advised not to repeat such acts in the future. But it was very unfortunate and is completely baseless that professor, K. Yugindro charged the students as attacking him with sticks and stones, he said.

When asked about raid at midnight, he said, “They banged on the door, told us to open the door and when we opened they entered forcefully. They pulled up the mattresses and even opened the lockers as if we are terrorists and have hidden some anti-social things.” Another thing is that, if the students did not resist them, there is apprehension of brutal police force putting unwanted things which can charge us as terrorists, he added.

“I am saying this as the general secretary of MUSU because many such incidents have happened in Manipur,” he said.

He further asked, “What happened to the fake encounter cases still pending in the Supreme Court?”

“Manipur University as a den of insurgents, mentioned by Prahlad Patel still echoed and we have every reason to believe that the government might try to justify his statement,” he said.

The general secretary also charged that many important documents which will prove professor Pandey to be guilty have been allegedly destroyed and many others will be destroyed by professor, Yugindro by taking charge as the vice-chancellor forcefully.

Saying that the agitators are not afraid to go to jail or lock up or to encounter the police but want to save the university, he further reaffirmed the demand of the university community to remove Pandey.


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