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‘Arson at MU’s indoor stadium is a devious effort to derail MUSU, MUTA and MUSA’s agitation’

IMPHAL | Jul 8 : Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU), Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) and Manipur University Staffs’ Association (MUSA) claimed that the alleged arson at the university’s indoor stadium is a devious effort to derail the legitimate and democratic agitation taken up by the bodies.

Moreover, the MU bodies condemned the assault on students by security personnel yesterday when the students were trying to submit a memorandum to chief minister demanding declaration of college semester examination result.

The office of assistant director of Sports, Manipur University attached to Dr. Kamal indoor stadium was allegedly set on fire by some unknown persons yesterday late night at around 11 pm. All the important documents of the office were burnt in the blaze. The cause of the fire is not yet known but according to fire service officials, the fire was not from short circuit.


A joint emergency meeting of the executive committee of MUTA, MUSA and MUSU was held today morning. During the meeting, the members expressed their dismay at finding unauthorised guests at the university guest house when checks were conducted immediately after the attempt to burn down the indoor stadium was made.

Further the suspicion of certain malevolent agents attempting to derail the democratic movement for removal of Adya Prasad Pandey became stronger after recovery of empty petrol bottles near the stadium and guest house.

The members of MU bodies were also shocked when illegitimate non-academic guests were detected at the guest house without charging any fees.

Briefing media persons today at MUTA office, MU campus, its spokesperson, Debananda Ningthoujam said that the three bodies strongly condemned yesterday’s arson at the indoor stadium of the varsity.

He said that the movement taken up by students, teaching and non-teaching staffs of the university is not only for the teacher and students community of the varsity but for the better future of the state as the university is like ‘blue print for the future of Manipur’.

He continued that the time of negotiation is over and the only solution is removal the vice-chancellor, Adya Prasad Pandey.

He also asked the state government to stop waiting for Centre’s intervention and start pressurising it at its best level.

Debananda continued that MUTA has high respect for the chief minister office but yesterday’s harsh and brutal act on students by security personnel has hurt their sentiments and spirits.

MUTA is always ready to meet the chief minister or any other competent authorities if they invited the association with a concrete plan to resolve the issue, he added.

Asserting that the three bodies have stood to never change their agenda of removing A.P. Pandey, Debananda appealed to all the stakeholders, CVOs, student bodies, NGOs and other local bodies of the state to support them in the agitation demanding removal of the VC.

President of MUSA, S. Jibankumar, who was also at the press conference, said that the arson at the indoor stadium is an act of some opportunists who are trying to put a black curtain on the democratic agitation taken up against the VC. He said that MUSA has joined the agitation taken up solely by MUSU, as its demand is genuine.

From the statement of the joint secretary of the HRD ministry stating, “more than 50 percent of the allegation made against the vice-chancellor is true” clearly shows that A.P. Pandey is guilty, he added.

Appealing not to repeat the unwanted act of setting fire of the university’s property, he warned that if the varsity’s community found anyone involved in such action, the person(s) will have to face the consequences.

President of MUSU, Mayanglambam Dayaman said that MUSU has taken up only democratic forms of agitation since the first day and will continue until there demand is met. Yesterday’s arson at the stadium is very unfortunate, and it seems that some individuals are trying to derail the agitation and mislead the public, he added.

During the meeting held today morning, the three MU bodies have decided to put an end to the practice of entertaining unauthorised guest(s).

It also condemned the absence of any responsible officers such as registrar-in-charge, joint registrar and deputy registrar at the scene of fire and has resolved that the university administration should be held responsible for the arson and other unwanted consequences.


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