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‘Ava Leinganongshim’ and guest house constructed under 14 Finance Commission inaugurated

UKHRUL | Sept 10 : Chairman of ADC Ukhrul, K. Dickson inaugurated the newly constructed ‘Ava Leinganongshim’ (Women Market Shed) today at Ramva.

The Women Market Shed was constructed under 14 Finance Commission 2017-18.

The programme was attended by executive member of ADC Ukhrul, SP. Mashunngam as functional president. It was attended by vice-chairman of ADC Ukhrul, M. Isaac; ADC executive members, Khayinghor Valui and Kapangpam Zimik; ADC member, Yangmi Shimray; president of NPF Ukhrul Division, Wungnaoshang A. Shimray; president of Ukhrul assembly constituency, MH. Moon; president of Chingai assembly constituency, Peter and CEO of ADC Ukhrul, Polly Makan.

In his speech, K. Dickson lauded the development programme being taken up by the concerned ADC member in their respective district council constituencies. He said the existing system of financial dependency at the mercy and whims of the state government is a great setback for the wellbeing of hill districts. He claimed that NPF party is for the people and will continue to work for the upliftment of the common people irrespective of the political party affiliation. He also promised to extend all possible help to complete the on-going construction of stage at the old playground of Ramva.

Dickson appealed the gathering to be prepared for the Indo-Naga political talks being held at the highest level for bringing final and peaceful solutions at the earliest.

M. Isaac implored the gathering to extend all possible help in bringing development in the area.

SP. Mashunngam expressed gratitude to the local populace for imposing their faith in him and electing him as the ADC member from Shangshak district council constituency.

Paul Zimik also expressed gratitude to the concerned ADC member for constructing the women market shed at the junction of Ramva village. He added that the women market shed at the Ramva junction will be of great help especially to the womenfolk of the village.

Ramva village consists of 320 households with a total population of 2100 and is situated at the highway between Imphal to Ukhrul road.

A community feast was held at the Ramva Community hall during the programme.

Moreover, a guest house constructed under 14 Finance Commission 2017-18 was also inaugurated at Shokvao village today.

The inaugural function was attended by Wungnaoshang A. Shimray, MH. Moon and SP. Mashunngam as chief guest, guest of honour and president respectively.

K. Dickson, M. Isaac, Khayinghor Valui, Yangmi Shimray, Polly Makan, Peter, leaders of NPF and village elders were also present at the function.

Wungnaoshang A Shimray lauded the development and initiatives taken up by various members of ADC Ukhrul. He highlighted the various grievances and complaints received by the party and elected members of NPF but clarified that people also need to understand the ground reality of the existing system. In spite of the limited amount received for development, he praised the initiative taken up by the elected ADC members of Ukhrul.

He inaugurated the newly constructed one-room guest house in the presence of headman of Shokvao village, MKS Maransa.

NPF Unit of Shokvao village expressed gratitude to Mashunngam for his initiative. Headman of Shokvao village MKS Maransa, while thanking the delegates also expressed profound gratitude to the concerned ADC member.


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