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‘Bharat Bandh’ cripples normal life in the state

IMPHAL | Sept 10 : The ‘Bharat Bandh’ called by All India Congress Committee (AICC) against the increase of prices of fuel and essential commodities disturbed normal life in the state.

Educational institutions, business establishments and markets remained closed, and only a few vehicles were seen plying on the roads.

Attendance at government offices were also very low though no holiday was declared.

A Central team approaching towards Bishnupur for ‘Go to Village’ programme were sent back from Nambol by bandh supporters. However, there was no sign of bandh supporters in Imphal area except Sangakpham. This not withstanding, people remained indoors voluntarily.

Even though many supported the ‘All India Bandh’, they also expressed discontentment that the bandh affected their daily activities.

While questioning the commuters and shopkeepers in an around Imphal, majority of the people supported the cause of the bandh but suggested alternative means of protest.

“Every bandh has created many difficulties to daily bread earners and there are frequent bandhs in the state even over petty things. There was also a price hike during the time of Congress government besides many other problems,” said the commuters.

The tussle between the Congress and BJP government has affected the lives of many daily bread earners, said Rajesh, who runs a eatery and grocery store in Nagamapal.

Another person, Milan, who also runs an eatery in Nagamapal said, “It is not about the Congress or the BJP government, but the bandh has given hardship to everyone.”

A roadside tea stall owner, Aruna also said that the frequent bandhs and blockades as well as the price hike in essential commodities has given her a hard time in raising her kids and fulfilling the requirements of the family.

A lady fish seller at Ima market stated that there is hardly any customer today and she will have to incur a huge loss because a rotten fish cannot be sold to the customers tomorrow. She further said the cause of the bandh is sensible because the rise in price is a torture to the public.

Another electronic store owner from Paona bazaar said that the difference in the price of many items in comparison to other states is also because of the tax levied by the UGs in the highways. He further questioned why the state government is silent regarding the matter.

IFP correspondent from Moreh added that supporting the country wide bandh imposed by All India Congress Committee against the price hike of essential items under the BJP government, workers of Moreh Congress Party Committee blocked the National Highway 102 at Ima kondong lairembi khubam Mathak area today.

The bandh supporters including president of Moreh block committee, came out and put tree branches and bamboos so that no vehicles can pass through the highway. A team led by OC, Moreh Police kept monitoring them so that unwanted incidents can be avoided.

On the other hand, many vehicles that came from Imphal towards Moreh were now allowed to pass and kept stalled on the road. Vehicles that were already parked at the parking areas of Moreh were not allowed to leave the parking sites.

However, the vendors and shops at the bazaar area of Moreh town were exempted from the Bandh, and kept opened as usual.


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