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Chingai villagers repair road

UKHRUL | Sept 30 : The villagers of Chingai led by Village Authority, Village Development Council and Church members took up repairing of the PWD road from Awangkasom to Chingai Block Headquarter. It took the villagers four days of laborious work to repair the road, a distance of 14km.

Headman of Chingai village, Akan K Shimray informed that due to the pathetic condition of the road, the villagers have decided to repair the road. The villagers employed the aide of machines and trucks to make the road motorable.

Hundreds of villagers mended the road by filling potholes, repairing drainage and clearing the weeds on the road side.

Chairman, Village Development Council, R. Yaolei informed that successive governments of Manipur have been neglecting the people from the hill districts. He expressed gratitude to commanding officer of 27 Assam Rifles, Somsai for extending financial assistance.

He also expressed gratitude to post commander of 27 Assam Rifles at Awangkasom for providing rice, dal and sugar during the repairing work.

Yaolei informed that the villagers had taken out maximum effort to maintain the PWD road into a motorable condition.

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