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CVOs caution government over framework agreement’s outcome

IMPHAL | Aug 8 : Civil voluntary organisations have cautioned that a severe form of people’s movement may arise if the government fails to hold a special Assembly session and take a resolution over the issue of the Naga Framework Agreement to save the state’s integrity.

Drawing attention of the government, volunteers of different women organisations of the state under the aegis of the United Committee Manipur today attempted to storm the chief minister’s bungalow. Police stopped them near the western gate of the Kangla fort, as they were approaching in auto-rickshaws.

Few of the protestors who managed to go through, were later halted by police in front of Nupi Lal memorial complex.

As the protesters blocked more than half of the road, it resulted in traffic jam which lasted for more than three hours at the surrounding streets of Kangla traffic point.

It is reported that the protesters demanded for an appointment with chief minister, N. Biren Singh but their appointment was initially declined as the chief minister was reportedly holding an importing meeting.

The protesters decided to hold up for the night at the street if they do not get an appointment with the chief minister. Later, a few representatives of the protester were permitted to meet the chief minister. They submitted a memorandum to Biren.

Speaking to media persons Apunba Manipur Kanba Ima Lup (AMKIL) vice-president, L. Nganbi said though contents of the framework agreement are still kept hidden; it has been told that the framework agreement will not hurt the interest of the state. On the contrary, interlocutor, R.N. Ravi stated of providing a special status for the Naga community in the state which is a policy to disintegrated Manipur by creating a state within a state.

Asserting that Manipur is a state settled by different communities, she said people of the state will never accept or compromise the giving of a special status to a single community, which is a “divide and rule” tactics of the Centre.

“We support the implementation of Article 371 (A) in Nagaland, but cannot compromise if it is extended to Manipur, such steps will only create a big chaos in the state like the June 18 incident,” added Nganbi.

The women folks demanded the government to pass a bill to formulate a special Act for safeguarding the state integrity.

“We want to protect our own state resources which we get from both hills and valleys by ourselves, we hope only for the integrity among the different ethnics and communities in this secular state but we condemn the act of dissociation by the Centre,” she continued.

Stating that the people of the state want independence and self determination as mainland India look down the northeast states, Nganbi said, “We will continue the protest. We want sovereignty. We suffer a lot as we do not get our basic fundamental rights.”


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