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Enraged mob vandalise Thoubal District Hospital

THOUBAL | Jul 28 : At around 7:30 pm in the evening today, family members and locals vandalised the premises of Thoubal District Hospital enraged over the case of a child who died at the medical facility, resulting in the destruction of some of the hospital’s infrastructure.

The incident was however put under control after additional forces from Thoubal district police arrived.

Sources add that the child who died in the hospital was a student of standard IV and has been identified as Kh. Zepilin, son of Khamba of Khangabok Kounou Leikai.

According to media sources, Zepelin was playfully diving along with a friend in a local pond. After taking a dive, he resurfaced in a serious condition after two to three minutes in the water. The people of the locality immediately rushed him to the district hospital.

However, the doctors at the hospital pronounced him dead after just an initial reading of his pulse. When the “supposed” dead body was brought home, the child reportedly threw up water and commenced breathing. Zepelin was again promptly rushed to the hospital but he could not be revived by the doctors.

Afterwards, alleging that the delay in time caused by the doctors resulted in the child’s death, the enraged mob destructed some of the hospital infrastructures.

SP of Thoubal District, S.Gautam visited the hospital to investigate the incident, sources added.


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