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First banana festival to be organised at Tamenglong

IMPHAL | Nov 1

As the first of its kind, a three-day banana festival will be organised at Noney Longmai common hall, Tamenglong district, which could help in mass scale production of bananas by bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and banana farmers.

This was stated by secretary of the festival organising committee, Gailanchung Kamei during a press conference held today at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, Imphal. The festival will commence from November 6 and will conclude on November 8, he added.

Gailanchung said that the bananas produced in the area are mostly organic and they include g9 (Grand Nain) varieties too.

Grand Nain bananas (also spelled as Grande Naine) are banana cultivars of Musa acuminate (a species of banana native to Southeast Asia). It is one of the most commonly cultivated bananas and a source of commercial Cavendish bananas.

It is also known as the Chiquita banana, because it is the main product of Chiquita Brands International.

He also said such bananas are produced in bulk in the area but due to lack of proper marketing system, most of the bananas get wasted. If the bananas are certified under Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), farmers could get the benefit not only in state level but also in national and international markets, he added.

Organic certification started in various parts of the world in the 70s and 80s based on associative systems that were very close to what is now called PGS, a tool that can be adopted not only for organic agriculture but is useful in various sectors.

While stating that the threeday festival is being organised to get benefits from the upcoming Ningol Chakkouba which is a grand festival of Manipur, he appealed the people to witness the festival as bananas can be bought at reasonable prices.

About 1000 kg of bananas can be produced on a daily basis from the area and about 30,000 kg of other varieties could be produced in 60 different stalls of the festival, he added.

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