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First foot over-bridge construction begins along Kangla Rd.

IMPHAL | Oct 21

Imphal city will be having brand new constructions in the form of Foot-over-Bridges (FoB) by the end of this year to facilitate pedestrians in crossing the heavily traffic congested areas of Imphal area without waiting for the traffic to stop. This is the first time that such a structure will be built in the state.  

The first FoB construction started from Saturday evening by carrying out soil testing to check bearing capacity of the bridge. The drilling is done with the depth of 15 meters by BRCWC at the western side of Kangla gate.

The first foot- over-bridge will have a height of 18 feet and will connect Kangla side near the bus stop to the eastern wall of Johnstone School. Another one will be constructed near Bir Tikendrajit flyover to connect Polo Ground road to BT Road. Sources said that plans are drawn up for another at Keisampat crossing to bypass the traffic circle and another near TG College towards the governor’s road side. This initiative is to ensure safety of pedestrians to commute the problematic traffic hazard areas and when completed will be a boon for the public.

Each bridge will have a breadth of 6 feet and a length of 115 feet and will have rooftops so that pedestrian can cross over during rainy seasons to avail transport without getting wet. One bridge has a construction estimate of Rs 1.6 crore. The work is financed under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the state Public Works department is the implementing agency. The work is floated through open tender nationwide and the design consultant is by TMS,Pune. The design engineer is Dikam Gangmei from Noney who has designed structures including the Luwangpokpa Cricket stadium among others.

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