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Flood Alert in State

IMPHAL | Jun 12 : Secretariat relief and disaster management department has declared alert of floods and landslides with the prediction of heavy to very heavy rain at few places with extremely heavy rain at some isolated places of Manipur.

The declaration states that the rainfall may continue till June 15 as per the Indian meteorological department.

The department has instructed all the deputy commissioners to take up precautionary measures.

Incessant rains over the past two days is wreaking havoc in many parts of Manipur triggering landslides and inundating low lying areas.

The continuous downpour has triggered a landslide in hill districts particularly along the National Highway-37 disrupting traffic on one of the two lifeline of Manipur.

About 50 metres stretch of the National Highway has been blocked by debris brought down by the landslide in between Sinam village and Laijang near milestone no. 35.

It has been reported that traffic was resumed for brief period with authority swinging into action. However, continuous downpour has hampered the efforts.

Movement of vehicles from both ends of the NH-37 has been closed until the landslide affected areas were completely safe to travel, said Luikham Lanmiyo, additional SP Noney.

“There is no use clearing the roads until the weather improve as the relentless rain is downpour is continuously bringing down debris,” added the additional SP. Landslide has also damaged a building in the Ukhrul district headquarter creating panic among the residence. Heavy landslide occurred at the northern side of Bakshi ground, Hungpung, Ukhrul at around 3:40pm today. The rapid rise of Challou river has destroyed many paddy fields.

The landlide at the northern side of Bakshi ground has damaged the house of Sorei Ramror son of Kanmi Ramror. Some portion of the house is covered with landslide and it is likely to destroy the whole building if the downpour and landslide continues informed W. Khangrah a neighbour.

With the rain showing no sign of respite, major rivers in flowing in the state have reached warning levels.

In Thoubal district, Ukhongsang River has been breached an opening flooding most of the roadways near the area of Ukhongsang Mamang Leikai.

As the surface level of Heirok- Wangjing River continues to rise, the temporary bridge made of wood constructed near Heirok Litan area was swept away by the current, cutting off the Heirok- Inganglok.  It is reported that many structure situated near the bank of Thoubal River at Thoubal Kiyam has been swept away by the river. Moreover, most of the parts of Imphal city have been inundated.

According to Irrigation and Flood Control department (IFCD), the rainfall recorded in the catchment area today at 5 pm are Kangpokpi had a rainfall of 34 millimetre, Saikul 25 millimetre, Litan 28 millimetre, Jiribam 37.20 millimetre, Lamphel 15 millimetre, Raj Bhavan 13 millimetre.

Water level of most of the rivers are recorded as Imphal river at Minuthong as 786.800 metres against its warning level 785.9 metres, at Lilong river as 781.200 metres against warning level 780.530 metres, Iril river as 785.225 metres against warning level 786.700 metres, Nambul river at Hump bridge as 783.255 metres against warning level 781.175 metres, Maklang river at Nambol bridge as 778.500 metres against warning level 771.200 metres and Thoubal river as 780.325 metres against warning level 778.915 metres.

According to IFCD officials, flood level which is above warning level can be calculated by adding one metre to the corresponding warning level of each river.

Out of five gates of Ithai barrage gate number 2 and 3 are opened 1 metre wide, gate number 3 is opened 1.5 metres and gate number 1 and 5 are still shut.

The data was collected by IFCD staffs and updated at 5 pm today.

IFCD control room said there are no unwanted reports besides rising water level. But if the rainfall continues for few consecutive days flood is likely to occur in most parts of the valley.

Most of the streets and localities in valley areas have been affected with the flash flood.

For flood emergency one can contact IFCD control room at 0385-2451550 which is available round the clock.

Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD) has attributed the rise of major rivers due to heavy rains in catchments areas. The department has warned of eminent flood particularly in valley areas if the rain continues for the next 24 hour.


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