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FNR Delhi dialogue brings out ‘best & worst of Naga World’

Dimapur, May 13 (MExN): The dark underbelly of Naga nationalism, Nagaland state politics, tribalism, socio-political parochialism were brought out to the surface as Nagas, young and old—making up the citizenry—engaged in a dialogue of truth telling and self-examination during the recent three-day long series of public interaction initiated by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) in New Delhi.

Held from May 4-6, the dialogues with church and civil societies brought out the best as well as the worst of the Naga world.


A lot of thought provoking questions were raised during the Delhi interactions. The three-day public interaction discussed almost everything concerning the Naga state of affairs. From reconciliation to political solution, identity politics to justice there was even a question on the sensitive topic of Naga identity and citizenship.


The FNR also met separately with the Naga Elders Forum Delhi, Eastern Nagas Union Delhi and Catholic community in Delhi. On May 6, FNR members spoke in ten churches and fellowships spread across the National Capital. A total of 14 FNR members were part of the team that went to Delhi.

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