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Groups demand justice for Gypsy and four others

IMPHAL | Aug 5 : Demanding immediate action against the officials of 3-Corps Intelligence Unit (CISU) who were allegedly involved in the cold blooded murder of G. Jiteshwar alias Gypsy, Th. Satish, Th. Prem, R.K. Ronel and Phijam Naobi, local bodies of the state staged a protest rally from the residence of late Gypsy, Singjubung Leirak towards chief minister’s bungalow today.

The rally taken out by the JAC against the cold blooded murder of Gypsy, Th. Satish, Th. Prem, R.K. Ronel and Phijam Naobi was blocked by police near the western gate of the Kangla fort.

Later, representatives of the CVOs including two members of the JAC were permitted to meet chief minister, N. Biren to submit a memorandum in connection with the alleged killings by Army.

The memorandum demanded to handover the mortal remains of Gypsy and Th. Satish.

It also mentioned to investigate the ‘cold blooded’ murder of Gypsy and the four others by an independent investigating agency like CBI or by constituting an independent SIT.

“Punish the army officials involved in the murder of Gypsy and the four others, particularly the then major, Nectar Sanjenbam and then captain, Rubina Kaur Keer of the 3 - CISU and her team based on the proven records of the killings of Th. Prem, R.K. Roshan alias Ronel and Phijam Naobi,” added the memorandum.

The memorandum also demanded to repeal Armed Forces Special Power Act 1958 and further stated that the state government should urg the union home minister for the immediate action to fulfil the aforementioned demands.

Earlier, a public discourse on extra judicial execution of Gypsy and Th. Satish was organised by Singjubung Youths’ Organisation at Singjubung mandop.

Speaking during the discourse, Working Committee of Apunba Lup, coordinator, Phulindro Konsam said, “AFSPA is an instrument to repress the people movement and genocide to keep the state under the dictatorship of the Centre.”

Recalling the confessional statement of Th. Herojit regarding the fake encounter cases, he asserted that all such killing were exercised under the command of the higher authority which is consented by the government for political mileage and service promotion taking the opportunity of AFSPA.

Asserting that the infrastructure development and welfare programme in the state will become meaningless if there are no human rights, Phulindro said, “We need the people movement and at the same time legal proceedings to regain our rightful rights and justice to the victims of fake encounters.”

The CSOs and student bodies of the state taking part in the discourse programme have resolved to fully support in the movement of seeking justice for Gypsy and the four others.

The incident of the killing of Gypsy and the four others by 3-CISU came to light when IFP highlighted the contents of the affidavit submitted by lieutenant colonel, Dharamvir to the High Court of Manipur, in its July 30 edition.

It may be recalled that on July 1, Dharamvir was allegedly arrested by army authority and was released as per the directive of the high court in response to a habeas corpus petition filed by his wife.

As per the affidavit submitted to the high court, in September 2016 Dharamvir wrote to his superior about the killing and activities of fake encounter and extortion by CISU, however his superior had mounted pressure on him and was made to withdraw the complaint letter.

On August 1, Kangleipak Kanba Lup advisor, Y. Laba has claimed that R.K. Roshan, Th. Prem and Th. Naobi were murdered in cold blood by a team of CISU, during a press conference.

He also distributed photocopies of a confidential citation letter to a former Brigadier General, staff of 3-Corp, recommending gallantry award to captain Rubina Kaur Keer for her part in the elimination of the three persons in 2010.


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