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High Court directs MPSC to disclose answer scripts of 82 selected candidates

IMPHAL | Oct 9 : The Manipur High Court while upholding the decision of Manipur information commission (MIC), has directed MPSC to disclose the answers scripts of 82 selected candidates of MCSCC 2016, within 15 days to general public, said Keisham Kishan convenor of Group of aspirant MPSC.

He said the high court also came down heavily on the conduct of MPSC and imposed a fine of Rs. 5000 for deliberately trying to delay and drag the matter.

It may be mentioned that earlier, Manipur Information Commission on August 8 had directed the MPSC to show the photo copies of 82 selected candidates to the public by declaring that doing so was in public interest as the said MCSCC 2016 is full of illegalities and irregularities.

Subsequently, MPSC instead of complying with the order of the MIC, had reportedly challenged the said order through WPC 433 OF 2018. The said petition filed by MPSC was dismissed by Manipur high court on October 4, directing MPSC to disclose the answer scripts.

While doing so, Manipur high court has severely criticised MPSC and questioned its integrity and the unfair conduct on its part. The high court reprimanded MPSC for “deliberately trying to delay the matter and drag the case in giving out the answer scripts.” High court went to the extent of saying that MPSC is a public institution maintained in public interest and not some private institution solely only for some private candidates.

The high court also questioned and criticised some of 82 selectees’ conduct, who had given application of MPSC asking not to disclose their answer scripts.

In an unsparing criticism, high court also held that the answer scripts are not some personal properties of the selected candidates, and they cannot decide what to be treated as confidential or no at their sweet will. High court also doubted their intention by saying they gave the application only after MIC’s decision to give away their answer scripts.

Faulting MPSC and condemning its fairness and integrity, the high court asked how can MPSC allow itself to be dictated by some selected candidates. And not disclosed the answer scripts just because some selected candidates told MPSC to do so. Reminding MPSC that it is not private institution but rather a public institution and a constitutional body, high court directs MPSC to comply with the order of MIC within 15 days and as such to disclose the answer scripts.

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